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Hello! I’m Sharon.

On the right is where I was in 2009 because, in order to keep others happy and maintain my surroundings, I sacrificed my own vibrancy. This sacrifice costed me my health. I realized that there was more below the surface and, through the work, regained my vibrant identity and so much more. The most powerful courageous way to do this is to stop hiding from yourself and be willing to embrace, unpack and heal what’s inside. I’m here to help you do it too.

Introducing the

Head, Heart & Harmony Program.

Introducing the Head, Heart & Harmony Program.

Your path can be brighter than you think! soothe their own path and also support others and themselves in navigating that very journey. Because the truth is we are all finding our way onto a path that is most aligned with our highest true self.

You know what it feels like when you are on it and when you have drifted away.

Let’s work together to live our best lives, share our unique value with others, and see our brightest vision come to life.  

Kind Words

WOW! After Sharon Wacks energy reboot call last night I went to the beach to soak in the beautiful full moon and fresh salt air. I was so full of energy and life I was up most of the night thinking, planning and visioning what’s next.

Jessica Brace


I did a very powerful healing with Sharon Wacks that allowed me to “ receive” and feel worthy of it. Deep imbedded stuff was let go and it was wonderful. I truly attribute the last few days of acceleration to this “freeing” and cleansing of unconscious thoughts that didn’t serve my soul. Everything happens for a reason and I seriously for the first time on a DEEP genetic, DNA and historical level feel worthy of receiving from others with grace.

Stacy Aberle

A couple of years ago, I met this amazing woman who did energy work. I didn’t understand exactly what or how she does it; although her work definitely interested me. This past year, I finally had a chance to experience Sharon Wacks work first hand. My son had a problem and before I followed the doctor’s directions, I decided to see how Sharon could help. While my son was laying on the couch in a semi fetal position, without her being in the same room, I saw his whole body relax and lengthen. I was sold. I have been blessed to work with her myself and oh my goodness, the stuff I had blocking the good from coming into my life she helped me to understand and release. She is a blessing in my son’s and my life. I recommend her highly. She is an angel in disguise!

Carol Morgan

Working with Sharon Wacks has been really a wonderful experience. Her reboot system really works and I highly recommend her therapy. I liken our sessions to a slow release capsule with the benefits lasting for days and weeks after.

Dr. Larry

Sharon, Mere words cannot express my unending gratitude to you for your powerful, caring expertise and successful, restorative therapy. Having two total hip replacements in just under three months time was a journey that was greatly improved by your experienced attention to balancing my body and the healing activation that occurred throughout our sessions together. You are a knowledgable and kind, sharing instructor, teaching me how to continue the healing process on my own. You are truly a extraordinary gift to our world. May you and your loved ones experience many blessings.

Barbara G

Sharon is a real gem! I’m blessed and highly favored to have been introduced to her. If you are feeling stuck in life or on something particular, this woman has some amazing tools to clear your energy and get you back into balance.

Jamie P.

I told her that I worked with you and that you truly are the best at what you do! I’m so grateful to have you in my world and you know that I’m not nuts. Lol Thank you for providing me with your knowledge and expertise . I feel much better. I can’t tell you how special last Thursday was to me. I have been trying to work on my mind body connection through meditation and but I have yet to feel a strong spiritual connection in my life..that is until the Thursday:) I feel that everything is coming together now and I am so grateful to you! Thank you again

Cindy K.

Sharon, I listened to the replay of your call from last Tuesday, WOW! It is a challenge that I have been experiencing as I have been having to make so many decisions lately, and it stresses me out so much. I love this technique and used it to make a decision that has been weighing so heavily on my heart, it is something I enjoy, however it does take much of my time, which is the most valuable asset I have and is not generating the income I desire. I feel so relaxed now that I am setting up a system to phase out of this particular program by the end of the first quarter. So, thank you!

Cheri Martin

What a difference 24 hours make… I want to thank everyone for their love, care, and support…Yea! Sharon Wacks, another superstar in the energetic healing world who stepped up to make sure that I was energetically in perfect harmony before the procedure.

Dr. Bruce

I am stopping by to post a quick update as I have been getting calls and texts of concern – thank you ♥ I am not through this detox process but like any storm the worst has passed I feel. I have never experienced something like this and while there might be all kinds of solutions for pain or detoxification what I need in this moment is to be still, rest and become fully present to my body. I want to thank Sharon Wacks for the energy system reboot sessions that she is very masterful at. I will have other healers to thank shortly as well.

Megha R.

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Why Love Can Be Tricky

Why Love Can Be Tricky

What do you believe about love? Do you know deep down what you really think about love? About being fully loved? About fully loving someone else? I thought I did. I thought because I was already married, I didn't need to take a class about love, sex and soul...

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Seems like we are seeing evidence across all walks of life It’s time to heal and transform our personal, ancestral and collective experience of it.

I think we’ve all probably felt rejected by someone or something; but what is it that makes it even real?

What makes it feel like a negative or painful experience?

What is it that motivates people to behave so differently in response to it?

Do you avoid situations and people for fear of being rejected?

Alternatively, do you create an experience of actually being rejected because being really close scares the ‘beejeezes’ out of you?

Perhaps you may be more like me in the recent past and unknowingly create situations of disappointment and anger to avoid suggesting there was even a possibility of a connection to be rejected from in the first place.

Is rejection losing something or someone we have had a connection to in our lives or not getting some we had hoped to have??

Is it having someone else see us differently than we thought we were or vice versa?

The real question to me becomes can we truly have a deep meaningful Connection without attachment?

Is that even possible?

Do we know understand and appreciate the subtle difference between connection and attachment?

What is a healthy and unhealthy attachment ?

What is a true connection?

Are you ready to fully appreciate the natural beginning and ending of a relationship and cycles without feeling ripped apart?

Without it being about you personally losing something or being rejected?

I think it’s time to realize that there is a natural rhythm and life cycle to everything.

A time to understand and appreciate everyone has preferences and makes choices based on those, without having anything to do with you personally.

A time to know understand and appreciate It’s possible and easy to connect to someone deeply for any period of time without attachment to the outcome or how and when they stay or go in your life.

A time to release and resolve past attachments to rejection.

A time to allow the flow and natural exchanges of energy

A time for understanding we each are here to know... true deep connection transcends our relationship with one another yet we need each other to experience it.

Ah the beautiful mystical world we live and learn.
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This soulful Saturday, I invite you to explore your perspective on kindness and how you treat others or how others treat you🤝.

Do you treat each other as though we are exactly the same … or

Rather treat each other As If We Are One because what affects one affects us all?

Personally, I prefer the latter.

If you feel guided, doing this can help...

Ask yourself the question BEFORE you act…

🌐"Will someone suffer now or later by the private or public action of what I’m about to do"

If the answer is yes...


💖Find another action to express your truth and desire.

💖Don’t do something just to appease someone.


💖Come up with a way of standing in your power and taking care of yourself WITHOUT harming another.

💖💞What affects one - affects us all.

🌐We are all energetically connected. 💞🙏

#soulfulsaturday #sharonshares #energeticallyconnected #love #bekind #kindness #healing #thetahealer #sharefulsaturday
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Our soulmates know us so well on a spiritual level that you really have to learn how to love yourself first to make them work❤️.

That is what this Growing your Relationship seminar is all about.

The You and Your Significant Other seminar is designed to take you to the next step in your relationship, in your evolution to learn how to live with your soul mate once you have them.
This course is not just for couples, but for anyone who wants to develop a long-term relationship, an intimate relationship, or have a partnership reach its' highest potential🙏🏻.

Growing your Relationships seminars will help you devlop a strong partnership, build a strong foundation, keep your relationship fresh and new, and is designed to help your relationship work for you.

Spots are limited to reserve yours today in the link below and send me a DM with any questions💌!

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This Monday I want you to think about direction 🧭.

The best adventure in life is discovering who you really are and aligning with your unique spark of light and true nature🌠.

Need some help with finding where you need to be? Send me a DM 💌and let’s set up an intuitive reading.
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Good morning beautiful😃!

Yes I am talking to you!!

I am so proud of you...

because you understand and appreciate there's always a way to feel sun in your day☀️.
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Ready for a good morning? Release being mad at the past
so you can be happy at the present
that awaits you now.
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Let’s start the week right, you know what to do🏃🏼‍♀️!

Need some guidance in your week ahead? Let’s set up an Intuitive reading visit 📲Sharonwacks.com

To sharing your awesome with more peace, health, harmony, and laughter,

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Through duality we learn to identify and align with our souls highest truth.

Your feelings are a blessing as they gently guide you into what feels aligned for you or out of harmony for you.

•Embrace the feelings you have
•Allow yourself to learn a higher vibration of feelings
•Radiate the beauty of your souls desire

I see your beautiful because it already is.

Are you ready to receive the feeling of "I know how to navigate temperament while learning to align with my souls desire"?

I know what it feels like ,looks like, sounds like to lead by example and allow others to do the same releasing the old pattern of having to rule or be ruled by power .

Say "yes" to affirm and receive.

And on a personal note:
Yes in South Florida the winds, waters and my hair may be wild today but my center is calm my connection is strong, and my heart radiates the beauty of living its soul desire.
So thankful to be teaching You and The Creator.
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Yesterday I expected today I accepted❤️.

To sharing your awesome with more peace, health, harmony, and laughter,

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Universally, we’ve all been been under extraordinary stressors in almost all areas and aspects of our lives.

Financially, psychosocially, emotionally and metaphysically regardless of where you live it’s understandable that in 2020 you may be feeling more stress-weary or fatigued.

The good news is we are all designed innately to adapt.

How we’ve adapted in the past in some instances may still serve us very well;however, we are also being called to raise the frequency of our response to stressors by learning and embodying higher vibrational essence.

The good news is you can.

You may need help from a vibrational healing expert or learn how to become one yourself.

Personally I do both.

If this message resonates with you I invite you to read out loud (yes your voice matters and is powerful) this vibrational affirmation or download as it is called in the Thetahealing meditation practice.

Then say “yes” to affirm and receive with appreciation in your heart.

P.S. yes this meme is already witnessed and infused with the highest truth perspective understanding and vibration for you to receive automatically.

Much love, light and appreciation
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We attract situations, circumstances and people based on our current vibration and to experience personal understanding of virtues. I love Thetahealing downloads and belief work to help speed up the process to virtually instant.

Do you love that too?

Lately have you noticed people around you have been teaching you how to trust the process of whatever your are going through with civility, respect and high regard.

I have and I'm thankful for the awareness. the digging process to release and replace old patterns with new downloads.

This one felt awesome to me, so of course I'm sharing it with you.

Downloads are amazing so say "yes" to receive and enjoy this one too.

Remember belief work helps clear the path to fully receive <3
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Have you completed the Basic and Advanced DNA Seminars, and you are now ready to dive deeper into ThetaHealing🙏🏼?

If you said YES, you don't want to miss my upcoming Dig Deeper Online

Join me for a two-day online certification seminar that will go further
into your subconsciousness and root out all of the things that keep you from achieving your full potential🌟.

Now more than ever, we need to understand ourselves and help others to do so too.

To enroll and learn more, visit the link below⬇️.

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YAY to elevating yourself and others while growing your wisdom, knowledge and expertise! UPCOMING NEW THETAHEALING CERTIFICATIONS both online and in person

DIG DEEPER ONLINE Nov 5 - 6, 2020

You and the Creator Jupiter, FL Nov 7 - 8, 2020

BASIC DNA ONLINE Nov 12 - 14, 2020


SOUL MATE ONLINE Nov 18-19, 2020

You and Your Significant Other Jupiter, FL Nov 21 - 22, 2020


You and Your Inner Circle Jupiter, FL Dec 12 - 13, 2020

You and the Earth Jupiter, FL Dec 19 - 20, 2020


(For now please note in-person seminars have a 4 practitioner maximum to honor each other's sacred safe healthy space and online seminars have a 20 person maximum to honor our Thetahealing guidelines)

Please message me if you have any questions.
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One of your biggest life hurdles can also become one of your life’s greatest joys and achievements🙌🏻.

Make peace with your internal power driver/motivator of ego and allow the eternal source of your spirit to light the way🌟.

It involves a delicate yet dynamic process and exchange of free dialogue between the conscious and subconscious mind.

When you remove the obstacles of fear-based reactions and align it with higher-consciousness based actions, you have real wealth and freedom.

We are each probably living that to the best of our ability each day and learning as we grow.

I know I am❤️.
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Can you feel it🍂?

The Halloween spirit is in the air.

Channel your inner child and embrace it.

Just for a moment, separate yourself from the
hard in the world and feel the Halloween magic👻.

Be safe and find the love and light in everything❤️.

Love and light,
-Sharon Wacks
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When your vibration matches your beliefs, intentions and soul desires you are unstoppable🦸‍♀️!

You can learn to navigate and manage your highest vibration each step of your evolution🙏🏼.

I am not who I was before when I chose a path different than was recommended by the medical community when faced with near paralysis 10 years ago.

I decided to go on an inner exploration and journey to reconstruct everything I thought I knew and understood about myself and the world.

I brought her with me In the beginning paralyzed by fear, then kicking and screaming and
finally faithfully allowing her to teach and show me who I really was.

I embrace her.
I honor her.
I respect her .
I allow her.
I love her.
I am her.

The lining up with her takes as long as it takes.
And it’s different for everyone.
It may take several years to the see the outer results of making a decision to heal and transform from the inside out…

But it is totally worth every investment I made in the journey to be in my healthy happy body and where I am today.

It's why I passionately share the real ins and outs and teach the tools I've found so helpful to ease the struggle, shorten the learning curve for you and accelerate the vibrational transformation.

Your best self understands her highest truth, embodies her wisdom, discerns her high sense intuition and has common sense to know what next best steps to take.
She appreciates that she has the ability to access her brilliance by her self, AND ALSO welcomes and appreciates the expansive support of those who are evolving with her.

You are not who you were before🌟.

�What is your next best step?
Send me a DM 💌
or contact me through Sharonwacks.com

#moodymonday #mondaymotivation #sharonshares #healers #healingjourney
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Here to remind all of you beautiful souls of tonight’s Practice Group

AHA Practice Group is tonight at 7:30PM EST 6:30PM CT see you soon on Zoom 😃.

Not a member and curious about this group? Send me a message.
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Ready to learn how to easily identify and change your thoughts and beliefs and help others too?

The Basic DNA introduces the ThetaHealing techniques and focuses on activating the 12 strands of DNA within each participant. The heart of this seminar is the practice of techniques that allow you to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed. ThetaHealing we believe you inherit beliefs and emotions from your ancestors.

Comment below for more info or send me a DM 💌

To sharing your awesome with more peace, health, harmony, and laughter,

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Mondays are usually work on my business days.

Today I spent most of the morning into early afternoon passionately and productively...

Yay for making huge strides!

Apparently... I also called in a little extra inner work today too...

I take the time to do a little inner work to remove beliefs blocks and keep my abundance flowing.

Yes even more is already on its way and more can come your way too!

The choice is yours 🌟.

Let’s connect: Sharonwacks.com
Instagram: Healingactivator
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If you’re a Thetahealer looking for a mentor and more answers about how to best apply Thetahealing in your current life circumstances and practice, I invite you to join
the Mondays at 10 AM EST, Uncover Your Awesome Membership Group as a guest today during my live office hours!

Comment below or send me a PM for the zoom link to join today or next Monday.
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This soulful Saturday, I want you to turn up your inner volume and brightness.

Forgive a little more.

Let the river flow.

Dust yourself off.

Whisper or shout... "I am love".

I hope your weekend is full of love and light.

-Sharon Wacks

#Sharonshares #soulfulsaturday #saturday #love #light #thetahealers #healers #reiki #lightworker
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Here to remind all of you beautiful souls of tonight’s Practice Group

AHA Practice Group is tonight at 7:30PM EST 6:30PM CT see you soon on Zoom 😃.

Not a member and curious about this group? Send me a message.
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If you'd like to receive some Thetahealing mentoring and the awesomeness from the gathering of Thetahealers around the globe in the recording of today's live office hours with me as your mentor please comment below or PM with your email to receive the link.

Whether virtually or online, we learn through life experiences and also gain insights, information and inspiration from others.

Thank you again for all those who participated live and brought forth this beautiful experience and wisdom. ❤ #SharonsShare #thetahealersareawesome #uncovershineshareyourawesome
#thetahealingmasterteacher #thetahealingmentor
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It’s #MoodyMonday and if you’re feeling today isn’t your best then you’ll want to keep reading.

We cannot forcibly make the day better…but we can choose a new thought and to

Be easy...Feel good...

And allow your best self to come shining through and true.

Yes, on any day the rhythm and harmonics of Universal Energy is always conspiring to bring you an even better day. ❤
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Disclaimer: The information and services provided are not a substitute for your chosen path of medical care and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, but rather act as a supplement to support you in healing. The FDA has not evaluated the effectives of Energy Healing Tools or Energy System Reboot.®.