I believe you have the potential to be the greatest catalyst of positive change and growth creating an everlasting legacy by healing yourself from the inside out without sacrificing your health or happiness.

Ready to activate your greatest potential? 

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Hello! I’m Sharon.

On the right is where I was in 2009 because, in order to keep others happy and maintain my surroundings, I sacrificed my own vibrancy. This sacrifice costed me my health. I realized that there was more below the surface and, through the work, regained my vibrant identity and so much more. The most powerful courageous way to do this is to stop hiding from yourself and be willing to embrace, unpack and heal what’s inside. I’m here to help you do it too.

Introducing the

Head, Heart & Harmony Program.

Introducing the Head, Heart & Harmony Program.

Your path can be brighter than you think! soothe their own path and also support others and themselves in navigating that very journey. Because the truth is we are all finding our way onto a path that is most aligned with our highest true self.

You know what it feels like when you are on it and when you have drifted away.

Let’s work together to live our best lives, share our unique value with others, and see our brightest vision come to life.  

Kind Words

WOW! After Sharon Wacks energy reboot call last night I went to the beach to soak in the beautiful full moon and fresh salt air. I was so full of energy and life I was up most of the night thinking, planning and visioning what’s next.

Jessica Brace


I did a very powerful healing with Sharon Wacks that allowed me to “ receive” and feel worthy of it. Deep imbedded stuff was let go and it was wonderful. I truly attribute the last few days of acceleration to this “freeing” and cleansing of unconscious thoughts that didn’t serve my soul. Everything happens for a reason and I seriously for the first time on a DEEP genetic, DNA and historical level feel worthy of receiving from others with grace.

Stacy Aberle

A couple of years ago, I met this amazing woman who did energy work. I didn’t understand exactly what or how she does it; although her work definitely interested me. This past year, I finally had a chance to experience Sharon Wacks work first hand. My son had a problem and before I followed the doctor’s directions, I decided to see how Sharon could help. While my son was laying on the couch in a semi fetal position, without her being in the same room, I saw his whole body relax and lengthen. I was sold. I have been blessed to work with her myself and oh my goodness, the stuff I had blocking the good from coming into my life she helped me to understand and release. She is a blessing in my son’s and my life. I recommend her highly. She is an angel in disguise!

Carol Morgan

Working with Sharon Wacks has been really a wonderful experience. Her reboot system really works and I highly recommend her therapy. I liken our sessions to a slow release capsule with the benefits lasting for days and weeks after.

Dr. Larry

Sharon, Mere words cannot express my unending gratitude to you for your powerful, caring expertise and successful, restorative therapy. Having two total hip replacements in just under three months time was a journey that was greatly improved by your experienced attention to balancing my body and the healing activation that occurred throughout our sessions together. You are a knowledgable and kind, sharing instructor, teaching me how to continue the healing process on my own. You are truly a extraordinary gift to our world. May you and your loved ones experience many blessings.

Barbara G

Sharon is a real gem! I’m blessed and highly favored to have been introduced to her. If you are feeling stuck in life or on something particular, this woman has some amazing tools to clear your energy and get you back into balance.

Jamie P.

I told her that I worked with you and that you truly are the best at what you do! I’m so grateful to have you in my world and you know that I’m not nuts. Lol Thank you for providing me with your knowledge and expertise . I feel much better. I can’t tell you how special last Thursday was to me. I have been trying to work on my mind body connection through meditation and but I have yet to feel a strong spiritual connection in my life..that is until the Thursday:) I feel that everything is coming together now and I am so grateful to you! Thank you again

Cindy K.

Sharon, I listened to the replay of your call from last Tuesday, WOW! It is a challenge that I have been experiencing as I have been having to make so many decisions lately, and it stresses me out so much. I love this technique and used it to make a decision that has been weighing so heavily on my heart, it is something I enjoy, however it does take much of my time, which is the most valuable asset I have and is not generating the income I desire. I feel so relaxed now that I am setting up a system to phase out of this particular program by the end of the first quarter. So, thank you!

Cheri Martin

What a difference 24 hours make… I want to thank everyone for their love, care, and support…Yea! Sharon Wacks, another superstar in the energetic healing world who stepped up to make sure that I was energetically in perfect harmony before the procedure.

Dr. Bruce

I am stopping by to post a quick update as I have been getting calls and texts of concern – thank you ♥ I am not through this detox process but like any storm the worst has passed I feel. I have never experienced something like this and while there might be all kinds of solutions for pain or detoxification what I need in this moment is to be still, rest and become fully present to my body. I want to thank Sharon Wacks for the energy system reboot sessions that she is very masterful at. I will have other healers to thank shortly as well.

Megha R.

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What Makes You Happy

What Makes You Happy

Let what makes you happy surface in a natural easy way. There are so many juicy discoveries ahead. What treasures will you uncover today? As I was looking for a special blintz soufflé recipe I make almost every year to bring to treasured friends and families community...

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More now than ever we are being called to work together in cooperation from a place of unconditional love. I’m ready are you? ... See MoreSee Less

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In my experience, our real power in life comes from being able to see, hear, feel, discern and understand our inner sight. ... See MoreSee Less

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Affirmations... are the consciousness connection intentions you send to all that you are part of not separate from to receive the highest purest vibrational understanding of them back. #SharonsShare ... See MoreSee Less

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Ah how I love my morning walks 😍

Walking in nature is one of the most beautiful fast ways to reset and realign your energy with your natural state of being.

Wherever you live, dress for the weather and Enjoy 💞🌎🙏🏻
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How are you feeling in your heart today?

The energy of how you feel in your heart determines the level of impact you make on others and yourself .

If your energy and life currently feel stagnant, things feel stuck, like they aren't flowing the way you want then it's definitely time to address this head on and make some changes on the inside.

What if we could work through and resolve all those hidden mind, body, spirit issues standing in your way of easily and quickly achieve the next level of inspiration, impact and income you desire?

And what if we could create all of these miraculous improvements in just 4-hours?

If it feels like I’m speaking to you, it’s time to raise your hand and do your part.

Let’s hop on a brief call and see how I can support you in diving into the beautiful evolution of you as we near 2020.


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Brave isn’t about fighting for what you believe in, it’s about forgiving what you’ve been fighting on the inside. #SharonsShare ... See MoreSee Less

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I see the unfolding in you and it is awesome! #SharonsShare ... See MoreSee Less

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I am in awe of all the miracles I have been blessed to see and deeply appreciate the infinite miracles already on the way to you and me. 💞🙏🏻 ... See MoreSee Less

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If you are using positive affirmations without seeing results consider this.

Positive affirmations are helpful and can be especially effective after limiting beliefs are uncovered and consciously released.
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4 weeks ago

Sharon Wacks - Healing Activator

It’s the perfect day and time to relax, unwind and reset, realign your energy body and mind.

I look forward to helping those who are able to attend live and in person.

No worries if you are unable to join me locally.

You can still experience an awesome energy reset and realign of your body and mind virtually over 5 days and save it for whenever you need.


For a limited time Save $15 off
by using promo code RESET
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We make our choices with our thoughts and decisions about them. The more consciously we choose the better. What thoughts will you choose to host or be a hostage unto?
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I’m all about enlightening ourselves and each other. Being able to identify our own limiting beliefs is empowering and enlightening. Being able to then consciously exchange them for positive lighter vibrational thought forms and patterns is evolving our soul and humanity. It’s why I love teaching and practicing the ThetaHealing technique because it allows you to identify and transform your beliefs while positively impacting your life, world and humanity. 💞🙏🏻
#SharonsShare #ThetaHealingMasterTeacher
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Your early morning thoughts and intentions set the tone for your day.
I actually prefer to set them at bedtime the evening prior. Whatever time you choose I hope the ones you set feel good to you and those you meet throughout your day. #SharonsShare
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4 weeks ago

Sharon Wacks - Healing Activator

Growth confidence and she’s ready for more! Congratulations Alejandra! #DigDeeper ... See MoreSee Less

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A day later in posting but too good to skip it. It’s always good to want to feel good regardless of the day you read this reminder. It’s All Good! #SharonsShare ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago

Sharon Wacks - Healing Activator

It’s been a glorious Day 1 of Dig Deeper Practitioner Certification Seminar!! #DigDeeper
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Dealing with what’s on the inside In our head, heart and home (both physical and material)is a process.

My life has taught me don’t be afraid to open those doors to heal what’s in there.

You literally unpack, understand and uplift all consciousness when you do!

Why else I love to share and teach...

“The more we know, the more we grow, together”#SharonsShare #HealWhatsInside #HealingActivator #TogetherWeGrow
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Detach from the outcome while staying connected to your Divine Source of All That Is One and delight in your life. #SharonsShare ... See MoreSee Less

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Attachment versus connection. ... See MoreSee Less

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11-11 at 11:11

Passing through this portal in time will reveal some of life's most mystical and magical answers.

There is a divine presence in each of our souls yet it is only a piece of the whole masterpiece.

Each spark contains a melody so unique in it's purest form that just by it's very existence and nature it seeks to express itself.

The message today is don't get ahead of yourself.

You create the future by being fully open to the continual flow of Divine Source energy that moves through all things.

There is a constant flow of Divine intelligence and information that vibrates through the energy above and below

It is seeking to connect with that unique spark within you that only you can express and transform into something new.

It is the only way in which the Universe and our planet expands.

Some people are gifted to imagine the transformation and innovate the new idea something currently useful.

Some people are gifted to manifest the transformation into the physical reality.

Some people are gifted to communicate the subtle transformations.

Whatever you are gifted with... allow it to flow through you in the highest easiest way and most joyful way for you.
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To honoring and celebrating our infinite intelligence ... See MoreSee Less

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Part of the seekers journey is learning to ask better questions. #SharonsShare
#digdeeper bit.ly/2rouvXK
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While healers have intuitively known this for decades, this new video from Greg Braden is awesome for anyone or those who prefer to understand the newer science behind why energy healing, changing beliefs and achieving harmonic congruence through modalities like ThetaHealing®️ or HeartMath ®️ or the Energy System Reboot®️ Method will totally change your reality.
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After 3 full days of teaching, empowering and equipping ThetaHealers to advance in their practice and personal lives...

Tonight I took a long loving look into my very own soul.

Gazing into a magnified mirror focusing only on the center of my eyes, It was as if I was starring into the core of two golden amber laced flower of life that merged into one.

A warm soothing deep sense of appreciation for the miracle of healing I was feeling and witnessing poured through me from its pure divine connection.

We are each truly a miracle blessed by the divinity of our own soul.

Remember there’s nothing to hide from what’s deep down inside.
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For those who need this:

It is safe and possible for me to have:

The loving partner of my dreams.

The meaningful and happy relationships of my dreams.

The beautiful life of my dreams.

The healthiest well-being and body of my dreams.

The most prosperous and joyful career of my dreams.

The fulfilling, abundant and collaborative contribution of my dreams.


The happiest healthiest and wealthiest self, family, neighbors, clients, students and colleagues of my dreams.

And so I have.

Need help to see your vision more clearly?

Let’s talk best strategy for you
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Disclaimer: The information and services provided are not a substitute for your chosen path of medical care and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, but rather act as a supplement to support you in healing. The FDA has not evaluated the effectives of Energy Healing Tools or Energy System Reboot.®.