10 Clear Ways to Leave the Old Behind

Sprinting down the breezy south Florida sidewalk in 48º F at 7:20am shouting “leave it Winnie, leave it!” I realize Spring renewal and rebirth along with having her with me this week are calling me to change my morning routine.

And my annoyance and resistance to it… shows me I still have some spring cleaning and clearing to do.

I ask myself…Is it realistic to no longer take on responsibility that does not bring me joy?

For me it’s an aha defining moment while I’m breathing in the crisp chill in the air I consciously choose to….leave it girl (talking to my grand-dog, Winnie)…

Ah… the beauty of life revealing to me I’m ready and willing to “leave it” too!

Leaning into this new awareness I bravely accept responsibility for those things that bring me joy and know it is OK to leave behind that which no longer does.

I am changing in the moment and will put new actions into place that support a better outcome.  As a result my degree of energy alignment and congruence increases.  And that feels better.

So let me ask you…

What will you leave behind now in order to clear the way for something better? How will you do that?

Here are 10 ways I found may help you clear the path for something better…

  • Decide what you are truly responsible for.
  • Ask who are you responsible to.
  • Cry if you feel like crying or declare loudly “no more”.
  • Give up your resistance to doing something new.
  • Find the joy in what you are doing or stop doing it.
  • Quit taking on responsibilities that belong to others.
  • Set boundaries for what you are realistically willing to do.
  • Renegotiate the commitments you’ve made.
  • Trust others can handle their own journey.
  • Discuss the invitation before you make agreements.

BECAUSE doing so can help you BE clear in communicating that to others as you leave behind the cloud of angst that kept you from it before.

I believe we are responsible for the ENERGY of what we bring into every situation.

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Having your energy aligned and clear leaves you free for however you choose to feel, be and do in those moments.

I choose to clear the energy of the previous boundaries, commitments and agreements I’ve made consciously and subconsciously as well as renegotiate and respond differently to them as they come into my awareness.

As you move forward this spring, I invite you to consider how you choose to clear your path for something better. Knowing how to overcome the misalignment’s in your life gives you a beautiful new starting place.

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