5 Sturgeon Moon Opportunities to Consider

A full moon is the perfect time to take advantage of the Universe’s supportive energy of change and opportunities and accomplish what you most desire for your life.

Here is my recipe!

Sharon’s 5 Sturgeon Moon Opportunities to Consider

  1. Take a new direction. Not liking where you are headed or where you are? Time to Pivot!
  2. Stop doing things on other people’s timelines and terms. Remember that list of ‘non-negotiables’? Maybe it is time to revisit that list with your family and loved ones.
  3. Life is a smorgasbord… with an abundance of ingredients available to create the recipe of life on your own terms and timeline. There is ample supply available and yes you can place your specific order at any time you choose and change it up any time you choose too.
  4. Place your order today. Take this once in a moon opportunity to co-create the yummy delicious life that fills your heart and soul with joy, love, laughter, significance, and whatever it is you truly desire.
  5. Declare it! Tell someone. Tell the universe. Say it out loud and allow it to come to fruition.

This is my declaration:

I want to wake up each morning to peaceful sounds of harmony in nature and inside my home.

I want to greet and be greeted with love and gentle kindness each day.

I want to embrace and be embraced by caressing hugs and warm skin-to-skin contact with my true love.

I want to feed my body, mind, spirit, and soul nurturing nourishment rich with nutrients of everlasting life and resiliency.

I want to communicate in meaningful conversations.

I want close connected relationships with my incredible family, friends and all areas of my life.

I want to enrich my knowledge and expand my expertise.

I want to work with amazing young women who are ready to step outside their current internal struggles and go after more in their lives.

I want to equip them with insight, knowledge, tools, strategies, and techniques to prepare them for a life they feel unprepared to create now on their own and with their future or young children.

I want to help them move beyond their painful past, beyond overwhelm of coping to understand and enjoy their real presence (presents) and build a bright future filled with clarity, conscious choices, and peaceful creation.

I want to deepen my personal connection to God and strengthen my willingness and resolve to serve my highest good and the highest good of all in the highest and best way. I want to lead and inspire others to do the same.

I want to be, do, and create life on my terms and timelines.

And so I have. I have declared it all!

What will your declaration be as we move into the Sturgeon Moon on Monday?

Share yours in the comments below.

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