Energy System Reboot® Method

Your Shortcut to Energy Alignment, Vibrant Health, Increased Harmony, More Peace, Happiness & Fulfillment is ONE-CLICK away!


Are you someone who...

  • Has a deep desire to contribute more from your life experiences and in business?
  • Has been going with the flow of life but you have that underlying knowing that there is so much more to life than this? 
  • Appears to have it all together but feels a bit out of alignment in a few key areas in business and in life and haven’t been able to get back on track? 
  • Always seem to end up facing one challenge after the other as soon as things seem to get better? 
  • Has been feeling isolated, confused or even stuck at times, as if life isn’t going as planned? 

If you said 'YES' to any of these questions, there is a solution...

The Energy System Reboot® Method will give you the tools, strategies, resources and support required to quickly identify precisely which areas are off track, how they’re impacting your business and life and the exact steps you can take now to bring it all back into harmony with more grace, ease and abundance.

It’s your personalized transformation system that will bring the calm, balance, flow and laughter back to your business and life.

A personal message from Sharon... 

How deeply you are able to breathe and how fully you feel connected to the magnitude of all you are with grace and ease is determined by your personal energy alignment. 

Living in full alignment with who you are and how you feel called to do is an art of personal transformation you can master at any time or age. 

My mission is dedicated to serving you as you continue to the make lasting positive transformations in your health and wellness faster and easier so you can shine your brilliance and do the same for others.

My goal is to inspire you while I model and share what I've learned through the power of consciously living in alignment with our true self and how it impacts not only how we show up for others but also how it can improve the major aspects of our life and business. 

My joy is to give you an easy approach and the personalized solutions to get yourself back on track anytime you drift. 

If you’re like most real people I know, love and trust… drifting away from our unique center and truth happens more often than we may like to admit to others and ourselves. Learning new skills and strategies along with receiving authentic nurturing support will light your own way for years to come. 

I would love to have as a part of our tried and true Energy System Reboot® Method Course, taught personally by me, and witness your next evolution of standing in the power of your brilliance with more grace, ease and abundance. 

To Your Success With More Peace, Health, Harmony and Laughter, 


What can you expect after completing your Energy System Reboot®? You will...

  • Have a step by step process for releasing feelings of fear, frustration, excessive stress and feeling like you’re not enough.
  • Get clear on your own story so you can uproot and release the baggage that may be bogging you and your body down. 
  • Finally hone the skill of being FULLY PRESENT instead of being caught up in the past or worried about tomorrow. 
  • Gain a tool and strategy for manifesting powerful intentions 
  • Be able to bring yourself back into calm alignment and vitality quickly and consistently no matter the challenge. 
  • Reset long held thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you so you can create the foundation for a healthy new infrastructure that does.
  • Sharpen the skill of tapping into your inner wisdom and identify your intuitive strength so you feel CONFIDENT in all of your decisions and actions.
  • Get the strategies, tools and techniques for shifting the energy of beliefs, past traumas and triggers so you are free to have more FUN in your work and life! 

Before I started working with Sharon I did not see that even in what I thought was negative experiences there was in fact things that I learned, positive things. 

Sharon has taught me simple steps, given me tools to let go, shift things and heal areas of my life I had just put in a box and walled off. 

I know that the lessons I have learned in the Energy System Reboot® Method, have equipped me to realign and shift my energy system for many years to come! I would recommend this course to EVERYONE! 

I have seen a huge shift in my business as well as my interaction with others… 8 new clients in one week! 

Thank you Sharon so much for assisting me with so many changes! ~ Debbie Dern-Parker

I'm Ready NOW >> $497

Energy System Reboot® Method

This comprehensive program program includes 5 modules that walk you step by step through the process needed to give your energy and your life a REBOOT!

Module 1: RECOGNIZE The Issues in Your Tissues 

You’ll gain more confidence and more clarity about what you really want and give yourself permission to want it by learning to identify how and where the source of blocks and issues in your tissues arise, while you experience new ways to release them. 

Module 2: REPRIORITIZE Your Thriving Easy Life

You’ll know how to determine what’s most important to you, make conscious choices and how to take the right actions that are congruent with your deepest truth. Giving you maximum results with minimum effort. 

Module 3: REALIGN Your Energy System

You’ll have strategies and techniques to instantly manage your own energy and shift your blocks as you discover which ones best suit you so you’ll feel revived and energized on command.

Module 4: RESET Your Ability to Process Information

You’ll have tips, techniques and strategies to eliminate triggers while you create new patterns of responding to both your external and internal environment. Thus, being able to show up with authentic connections sending clear signals to be valued and heard.

Module 5: REJOICE Your New Level of Integration

Here we bring it all together and celebrate your transformation and step into greater peace, health, harmony and laughter, because you will have more flow and abundance.

Course Promise: 

As a result of participating in the program: You will step more fully into your life and business; live in alignment with what you offer on a day-to-day basis; and attract the clients, abundance and opportunities to live from a place of beautiful peace, health and harmony. The course is designed to give you a safe nurturing container from which you can authentically live your daily life. It provides you with a powerful way to bring yourself back to the center when you get wobbly, experience self doubt, or come up against all that shows up in your life.

As a result of Sharon’s Energy System Reboot Method course, personal coaching and healing tools, I feel very empowered, positive and enlightened. 

Just being more aware is so helpful and Sharon has given me the tools I need to create my own ‘healing tool-box’! ~ Gail Ellis

The Energy System Reboot® Method Course includes... 

  • Six months password-protected access to the Energy System Reboot® Method course.
  • 5 Powerful Modules with easy actionable steps and tools for guiding you through your energy transformation.
  • Private access to the ESRM Facebook Community for authentic life and business building question and answer support (with direct access to Sharon!)

Yes! I am ready to get started and have access to these valuable trainings, support and shortcuts in one place in order to shift the energy of my life and business NOW! 

Regularly priced at $1997

Limited Time Offer just $497 

Peace of Mind Guarantee

Here’s what I know for sure… You won’t find a person or team more caring about your experience. 

So here’s my invitation: Buy the course. Enjoy and experience orientation. If you complete orientation and you are not completely satisfied (before moving into Module 1) and you don't believe this course can equip you to to live a more fully aligned life with more grace and ease, you can ask for your money back… no questions, no hassles, no worries, no kidding.