Activate, Affirm and Receive Pure Truth

Have you been wondering lately who and what information to trust?

If so, it is my intention that you will discover some of your own insight and understanding from my #SharonsShare Divine Wisdom received during my private Thetahealing meditation .

God, Why are we still in this pandemic, this extreme time of uncertainty where it is difficult for the public to know who and what information to trust?

We are living in a time of discerning trust of information sources.

This has been going on since the beginning of time.

Humans have senses and the ability to perceive, understand and believe.

Why is it difficult right now to discern the truth others present as fact?

Fact is only information that several people have witnessed has already happened and agree is true.

Truth is pure knowledge, a clear vibrational input.

What’s the difference between knowledge and belief?

Belief is a personal understanding of knowledge.

Ask anything and you will receive something.

Is the something I receive truth, knowledge, or belief?

It depends on who you are asking.

Ah so it is the intention of the Source I am asking or directing my questions to that determines what type of information I receive?


  • If you ask the news media for an answer, you will get a whole host of people’s facts and opinions presented as truth.
  • If you ask artificial intelligence you will get a calculated pre-programmed distillation of inputted knowledge presented as truth.
  • If you ask your friends and family you will get their perception of information they have received.
  • If you ask yourself, your ego, higher self, higher mind, ancestors and life experiences will filter your answer.
  • If you ask your Guardian Angels, you will receive a high vibrational answer of probabilities.
  • If you ask God, Creator of All That Is, Source, The Energy That Moves in All Things, Divine, you will receive pure truth
The clearer your channel of receiving pure truth, the easier it is to trust and therefore respond in the highest best way to all information that comes your way throughout the day.

Are you ready and willing to heal on all levels the areas of your life affected by trust issues?

Are you ready and willing now to release, resolve and replace on all levels the conscious and subconscious traumatic imprints related to trusting your Divine birthright direct connect to the Creator of All That Is?

Are you open to receive this Divine download in it’s purest form “I know what it feels like, how and when to, it’s possible and safe to receive pure truth from the Creator of All That Is without any negative effects”?

Would you like to know what it feels like, that you can, it is possible, you know how and when to, it is safe and easy to have a direct clear channel of communication with the Divine Creator of All That Is?

Say “YES” to activate, affirm and receive.

Curious about the clarity of your own direct communication channel? Ready to discover your truth, what blocks it and how to keep your channels of communication clear?

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