Hiding Out: Are You Avoiding or Adjusting?

8 days and 100 episodes of Jane the Virgin later…

I finally told him how I’d been feeling all week…

Don’t worry we are way past that sex talk😂

But you’ll see how my watching it helped me get off the couch and back on the road of happiness once again.

When there were no more “play next episode” buttons for me to push … I put down the remote.

And finally told my husband how I had been feeling…

How different it felt to have been with people all summer who had few to no preconceived ideas about me.

How frustrated I was because they saw me for who I have become… versus being back in the energy with those I’m closest too who still in some ways remind me of who I was.

He nodded and smiled.

And then I realized all week after teaching ThetaHealing new Basic DNA Practitioners , I’d been doing some hard core adjusting and a little avoiding at home.

ADJUSTING to… being surrounded by people who have known me for a long time and treat me quite differently than people who got to know me on a deeper spiritual level.

You know uh AVOIDING feeling… old but now surfacing energy and beliefs

“Why can’t you get over the whole a man’s home is his castle”


“women have to fight for their space in the home”?!!

AVOIDING… acknowledging, seeing and accepting the changes in myself so my family members could even have a chance to feel the change.

AVOIDING… allowing time and space for others to process the changes I’d made in their own way and timeline and vice versa.

OKAY so maybe I was more avoiding… (hence the deep dive into Netflix)

I know a hundred, 42-minute episodes is about 70 hours later… but it was exactly what I needed at the time.😉

So when I was ready… 

I decided a deep dive without judging oneself can also be an acceptable period of adjustment. 😍

I also decided from this moment forward I could more easily accept and adjust to understanding and appreciating how we each evolve and grow differently. 😍

All of it’s perfect for this moment in time, and definitely helps make home life more inviting for everyone.

I recognize we are each responsible for our own progress and clearing the way to evolve our soul while living an awesome and Divinely inspired life. 🦋

(Well at least that’s what I am choosing to be responsible about)

The how one does that is a totally personal unique experience.💝✨

I now also recognize and accept that I am

  • stronger
  • wiser
  • healthier
  • braver
  • kinder
  • calmer
  • happier
  • more compassionate
  • better prepared
  • much more relaxed
  • more flexible
  • more trusting
  • consciously connected more often
  • Divinely guided more easily
  • more understanding
  • much more accepting of self and others
  • more appreciative
  • more allowing

When I allowed God, Creator of All That Is, the energy that moves in all things to express itself through me and for me this is what I heard…


You’ve been going through a recent period of rapid transformation.

Of course you may need time to adjust without being triggered.

You may need time to understand…

Not everyone who has known you for years will see and acknowledge the more enlightened yet softer calmer version of you.

The Important Thing Is For You To Respond Differently!


🙏You know how to approach your triggers.
🙏You know how to see others through the eyes/truth of God.
🙏You know how to clear any negative energies in your home.
🙏You know how to instill positive vibrations of love joy acceptance and appreciation into every fiber of your house.
🙏You know how to communicate your needs without blaming or judging others.
🙏You know how to take care of yourself.
🙏You know how to open your heart and let others love you.
🙏You know how to do many new things.
🙏You know how to attract and manifest energetically through purer thought forms.
🙏You know how to connect with the Divine Source that moves in all things.

Now will you?

Ah yes, of course, practicing and sharing often.

Cleaning up those old beliefs asap. Changing them for myself, my daughter, my sons, the collective group consciousness and deep within my soul’s journey.

Thanks for reading this all the way through… because my hunch is you and I came here to make significant changes, progress, evolve and do things differently than those who came before us.

You want those changes for yourselves, your children, your homes, women, men, policies, and humanity.

Of course I’m sharing these 7 steps I’ve found make it easier to stop hiding and accomplish the changes we came here to make:

* Let go of pushing to succeed
* Let go of looking to others for direction
* Allow the Creative energy of Divine intelligence to flow through and to you
* Accept who you have become and who others are in each moment
* Appreciate all recent positive changes in your life now
* Recognize whose responsible for what in a shared reality

* Remember we are all in this together though you can only really change the part of the whole that exists within you.

And so I am.


If you are ready to learn more about how you can shift your beliefs and discover a proven method to finding your connection and personal inspiration, I invite you to check out my upcoming ThetaHealing Seminars.

Want to join us? Click here to check out the seminars and dates.

Plus as a seminar participant, you’ll automatically receive a 30 day bonus of personal support in my private Accelerated Healing Mentorship Mastermind after the seminar. 😉

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We are moving toward eliminating hierarchy. In all areas and aspects of life.Everyone has intuitive ability and gifts.They are all equally of benefit, value and importance to you and those you are here to be in service through. Some have practiced and developed their abilities and gifts more than others. Listen in as I share a little about how my husband expressed his new use of intuition.Wherever you are on your personal continuum of growth and development is perfect for you and I’m delighted to serve those who are ready and willing to grow develop and practice their medical intuitive gifts and abilities more too. #SharonsShare #awakeness #growanddevelopyourintuitiveabilities#Intuitionisavailabletoeveryone#medicalintuitive#intuitiveanatomy#thetahealing ... See MoreSee Less
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Your future.What determines it 🧐?Your attention, energy and intention.What are you giving your most precious resources toward today 🙏🏻?When, and not if (because unless you are super human or in spirit form), our energy system gets blocked... it’s difficult to manifest our truest intentions.So what can you do to remove those blocks and access more flow?I know what I do.I willingly and effortlessly choose to focus my thoughts and attention on what feels good ☺️.I get out of my own way.I willingly and effortlessly release and choose to move away from people, circumstances and situations that are unable to support my vision of love, family and joy.I heal my head, my heart and my home 🙆🏼‍♀️❤️ 🏡.I openly embrace and appreciate all those who align with love, joy and abundance of kind-hearted spirit.I welcome the pure positive energy of manifesting and co-creating from an activated heart of abundance and a head free of as we affectionately say in Spanish “basura” or “trash” talk!😉I laugh more I love more I rejoice more And oh it feels so good!The best part of it....I get to focus and joyfully share my attention ,energy and intention on helping others have this positive energy and feeling while manifesting their truest intentions too!!Of course that is when I’m not singularly focused on me 😂💖✨💝💞🙏🏻 ... See MoreSee Less
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Let's leave all that no longer serves us in 2020. Get ready too... 🙏🏻Renew your faith and trust in self and God✨Recruit your higher power🙏🏻Readjust your focus ✨Reflect on your strengths and accomplishments 🙏🏻Reaffirm your personal and global commitment to your highest and the highest good of all.✨Restore balance in your body and energy field to divine health🙏🏻Re-pattern your energetic pathways✨Revise your daily habits🙏🏻Resume loving relationships with self and othersSO YOU CAN...Redeem the rewards of your life! Need help with that? Let's connect Sharonwacks.com ... See MoreSee Less
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I savor words.I love the texture the sound the feel, the energy, the revelation of each and every one🤗.They are the magic the messenger and the mystery revealer of everything.In each and every language we use words to communicate our inner most thought, feeling, emotion, action and true intention 🤝.You'd think as a word lover, I'd be an avid reader and consume the gazillions of words composed into literary genius that already exists.Rather I've been the life long student who has only read required readings in course studies.I prefer to listen all day long to the subtle sounds of nature, the Universe and divine messages that flow through the airways continually and are ever changing.It's like watching or listening to your favorite TV series show except you know the seasons and episodes never end.The words that flow through your filter (your mind brain bodily belief perceptions) are the screens that the project the drama and create the world you see and live.Don't like what you see or live…Get to know your filter.Even better know this it's possible to not only understand your inner filters but clean, clear and change them regularly.One of my greatest joys and gifts is to help you get to know your deepest filters so you can clear, clean and consciously choose the ones you want to keep and the ones you want to change🙌🏻.Reach out if you want help. I am open for business and ready to share more love and light.📲https://sharonwacksllc.as.me/Reading ... See MoreSee Less
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Happy Saturday 🤗.Today I’m Including you in my morning prayers!🙏🏻I know something better is coming!🙏🏻I trust something better is coming !🙏🏻Something better is coming !🙏🏻It's already on its way and It feels so exciting and congruent!🙏🏻I am so grateful!Have a blessed Saturday. ... See MoreSee Less
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Earth is always trying to communicate with us, but are we really listening? This seminar will allow you to bring more positive changes into your life by learning how to work with the Earth. How to get to know the Earth better and learn how to communicate with it and understand how it communicates with you as well. This seminar will also, bring you to the realization that there is an energy that is moving back and forth between us. It helps you to work with the earth to bring changes that actually need to be changed now. This seminar is a pre-requisite for DNA 4.Register in the link below.www.thetahealing.com/seminar-details.html?id=184648 ... See MoreSee Less
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Whatever energy disturbance is moving through your airwaves today...Don't cover it up, push it aside, or keep it hidden.Instead, invite yourself into a new space to allow and consider this 💁🏼‍♀️❤️:May you be soothed and calmed by a peaceful easy release of that which no longer serves your highest self while you easily step into a new realm of creating an even better future. Ugh still wanting the approval of others. That feeling when you think you've outgrown it all and it bubbles up in your silent questioning? Maybe it sounds something like this moving through your headspace or surfacing underneath your skin…"Am I doing a good job? Am I making a difference, or am I really making the difference I came here to make?"Remind yourself: Of course, you are!! Always❤️!! You are always improving, growing, learning, experiencing, and catalyzing the next level of expansion for you and/or for someone else🙏🏻. That is exactly what you are here to do and you are doing a good job at it! Each time you briefly honor and acknowledge the space you are in, that doesn't feel so good, and then…Springboard yourself to consciously focus, reveal, unblock, and finally heal the building blocks for something better in the future. I know it is often said we give away our power when we seek approval from others, yet it's been so ingrained in many of us, including me.Hopefully like me, you also came here to experience and evolve the memory and knowledge of what's been ingrained in you.If or when those ugh feelings come… Please consider that you are actually strengthening and tapping into your greatest source of power each time you reveal, heal, resolve, extract the beneficial information and move yourself, humanity, and our planet forward in the highest easiest way for all.I don't know about you, but I prefer effective and easy. Let’s connect: Sharonwacks.com ... See MoreSee Less
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