Hiding Out: Are You Avoiding or Adjusting?

8 days and 100 episodes of Jane the Virgin later…

I finally told him how I’d been feeling all week…

Don’t worry we are way past that sex talk😂

But you’ll see how my watching it helped me get off the couch and back on the road of happiness once again.

When there were no more “play next episode” buttons for me to push … I put down the remote.

And finally told my husband how I had been feeling…

How different it felt to have been with people all summer who had few to no preconceived ideas about me.

How frustrated I was because they saw me for who I have become… versus being back in the energy with those I’m closest too who still in some ways remind me of who I was.

He nodded and smiled.

And then I realized all week after teaching ThetaHealing new Basic DNA Practitioners , I’d been doing some hard core adjusting and a little avoiding at home.

ADJUSTING to… being surrounded by people who have known me for a long time and treat me quite differently than people who got to know me on a deeper spiritual level.

You know uh AVOIDING feeling… old but now surfacing energy and beliefs

“Why can’t you get over the whole a man’s home is his castle”


“women have to fight for their space in the home”?!!

AVOIDING… acknowledging, seeing and accepting the changes in myself so my family members could even have a chance to feel the change.

AVOIDING… allowing time and space for others to process the changes I’d made in their own way and timeline and vice versa.

OKAY so maybe I was more avoiding… (hence the deep dive into Netflix)

I know a hundred, 42-minute episodes is about 70 hours later… but it was exactly what I needed at the time.😉

So when I was ready… 

I decided a deep dive without judging oneself can also be an acceptable period of adjustment. 😍

I also decided from this moment forward I could more easily accept and adjust to understanding and appreciating how we each evolve and grow differently. 😍

All of it’s perfect for this moment in time, and definitely helps make home life more inviting for everyone.

I recognize we are each responsible for our own progress and clearing the way to evolve our soul while living an awesome and Divinely inspired life. 🦋

(Well at least that’s what I am choosing to be responsible about)

The how one does that is a totally personal unique experience.💝✨

I now also recognize and accept that I am

  • stronger
  • wiser
  • healthier
  • braver
  • kinder
  • calmer
  • happier
  • more compassionate
  • better prepared
  • much more relaxed
  • more flexible
  • more trusting
  • consciously connected more often
  • Divinely guided more easily
  • more understanding
  • much more accepting of self and others
  • more appreciative
  • more allowing

When I allowed God, Creator of All That Is, the energy that moves in all things to express itself through me and for me this is what I heard…


You’ve been going through a recent period of rapid transformation.

Of course you may need time to adjust without being triggered.

You may need time to understand…

Not everyone who has known you for years will see and acknowledge the more enlightened yet softer calmer version of you.

The Important Thing Is For You To Respond Differently!


🙏You know how to approach your triggers.
🙏You know how to see others through the eyes/truth of God.
🙏You know how to clear any negative energies in your home.
🙏You know how to instill positive vibrations of love joy acceptance and appreciation into every fiber of your house.
🙏You know how to communicate your needs without blaming or judging others.
🙏You know how to take care of yourself.
🙏You know how to open your heart and let others love you.
🙏You know how to do many new things.
🙏You know how to attract and manifest energetically through purer thought forms.
🙏You know how to connect with the Divine Source that moves in all things.

Now will you?

Ah yes, of course, practicing and sharing often.

Cleaning up those old beliefs asap. Changing them for myself, my daughter, my sons, the collective group consciousness and deep within my soul’s journey.

Thanks for reading this all the way through… because my hunch is you and I came here to make significant changes, progress, evolve and do things differently than those who came before us.

You want those changes for yourselves, your children, your homes, women, men, policies, and humanity.

Of course I’m sharing these 7 steps I’ve found make it easier to stop hiding and accomplish the changes we came here to make:

* Let go of pushing to succeed
* Let go of looking to others for direction
* Allow the Creative energy of Divine intelligence to flow through and to you
* Accept who you have become and who others are in each moment
* Appreciate all recent positive changes in your life now
* Recognize whose responsible for what in a shared reality

* Remember we are all in this together though you can only really change the part of the whole that exists within you.

And so I am.


If you are ready to learn more about how you can shift your beliefs and discover a proven method to finding your connection and personal inspiration, I invite you to check out my upcoming ThetaHealing Seminars.

Want to join us? Click here to check out the seminars and dates.

Plus as a seminar participant, you’ll automatically receive a 30 day bonus of personal support in my private Accelerated Healing Mentorship Mastermind after the seminar. 😉

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You are far more capable than you’ve probably ever imagined.

I didn’t really know what was on the agenda this Sunday morning when I signed up for a special event at a local yoga studio ...

But as it happens I took my first mantra and hot yoga class 😮


I did it...I made it !!

through the entire process!!

All my previous fears and beliefs which kept me from ever doing it before... didn’t happen!!

I didn’t overheat
I didn’t faint
I didn’t pass out
I didn’t get dehydrated
I didn’t get weak

In fact,

I got stronger
I got more easeful
I got more full of flow
And I got exactly what my heart and soul needed to grow.

We are always taking the next step to evolve our soul whether we are aware of it or not.

You came here to experience and learn new things about yourself, others and evolve the world you help co-create everyday by being you.

Don’t let those old fears and limiting beliefs stop you from exploring something new.

What you believe impacts everything in your life.

You know I'm really passionate about teaching you how to move through those fears and outdated beliefs so you can experience more of the awe-some in you too.

If you are ready to equip yourself with the best tools and techniques I found to move through your fears and change your beliefs like I did?

It all starts with teachings found in the ThetaHealing Basic DNA Practitioner Certification Seminar.

Yes, learning this modality is a big investment of your time and money, but it's truly a life-changer.

You can learn more about it here.


I am always so delighted and awed by what my mind body and spirit teach me when I am open to learn and allow new experiences and practices to come into my life.
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I love sharing good news! #SharonsShare ... See MoreSee Less

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What do you expect for your life?

Go ahead expect the best.
You are worthy and deserving always have been always will be.

But that doesn't mean you won't have to make some changes.

If your energy and life feel stagnant, things aren't flowing the way you want then it's definitely time to make some
changes on the inside.

Don’t know what changes will be most impactful for you?

Message me and I’ll share a way for you to find out how.

It's my gift, it's my joy to help and teach others how to make those inner changes easier, faster and funner.

Go ahead, change your expectations.

Expect your fortune to change.

And expect a miracle is already on it's way.!
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The best way to help humanity is allow your soul to evolve through your life experiences, make better conscious choices and embody more virtues. #SharonsShare ... See MoreSee Less

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Hey, we all get caught up in our stuff, right?

Well, is it just our stuff?

Your body and this planet are over 70% water.

Water has molecular structure that holds both memories and knowledge.

What if all your thoughts are just memories of past experiences held by you, your ancestors and the collective consciousness throughout all evolution?

The secret is not to stay too entangled in our stuff and move forward through your unique experience of it to create something better for yourself and others.

That new something better that you contribute to the greater good really only comes from your personal experience of transmuting it.

The changes come from doing the inner work first.

If you don’t transmute it, we just keep experiencing and passing on same old same old.

Like me, you've probably already decided since you are an inspired healer or inspired to heal from the inside out... "living those same old same old (self-and humanity defeating) patterns stops with me".

Your inner changes of memory and knowledge stored in memory programs in your brain, DNA and washing through the cells of your body are one of the most powerful catalyst for positive change on this planet and for future generations.

How cool is that!

I am passionate about being a catalyst for positive change through sharing, teaching and doing my own inner work too.

Are you?

Let’s keep up the good the catalytic work together!

Ready to activate more positive changes in your life and
those you serve?

Let’s talk. For a limited time, I have opened up my calendar to strategize the best way for you.
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The saying “Let go and let God”is timeless because in my opinion it’s the easiest way to surrender to your true Divine soul path. #SharonsShare ... See MoreSee Less

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As both a parent and master teacher, I want to help and encourage my children and students to step into their own abilities, grow them and succeed.

I'm a delighted and excited for them to far exceed my capabilities and master navigating their passions and more joyful life.

We all came here to build upon what others have created before and improve it for the greatest good of all.

It's called evolution and expansion.
It's a natural state of the laws of our Universe.

And thank God/Creator/Universe/Source and those who have come before us for paving the way.

Look how far we've come and grown through the ages and eons of humanity.

You do not have to be less than in order for someone else to succeed.

You do not have to become less in order for your children, students, colleagues, friends, partners to become more.

You don't become less helping someone else become more.

You are plentiful.

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What if I wanna be happy and right LOL! But seriously our struggles to communicate what we want or we believe to be true can often create conflict with those we love when we let ego run the show. Ego’s thinks its’ job is to protect you. I say it’s role is to give you an opportunity to heal what beliefs and ancestral patterns are no longer useful. #SharonsShare ... See MoreSee Less

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I know it isn’t always easy to see everyone through the eyes of God,Creator,Source,Universe but the more you can the more awe, wonder, blessings and hidden joy you’ll discover. #SharonsShare ... See MoreSee Less

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Don’t you just love synchronicity?! ... See MoreSee Less

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You were born with a powerful innate ability to navigate your life. Most though have not been raised and taught how to embrace, connect and utilize it to the best of our ability. Love, peace, harmony and well-being are your natural states of being. We live in a 3D reality of contrast to remind us of our power and that we constantly create from the inside out. #SharonsShare #LearnToNavigateYourMindBodySpirit ... See MoreSee Less

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I think lol most agree Buddha was enlightened and his very thoughts have changed our hearts and mind in many positive ways. I am thankful to be inspired by his work. Who inspires you lately? ... See MoreSee Less

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Giving yourself permission to be in the receiving mode versus the doing mode will often help you line up with the right people and places at the right time.
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When you set your intentions at the beginning of the day, you powerfully open the flow for yourself and others to experience your joyful spirit. #SharonsShare
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Care enough about the unique difference you make in this world by being you and discover the courage you already have to share it with others. #SharonsShare #InspiredHealers ... See MoreSee Less

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The way our world was intended. ... See MoreSee Less

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I’m thankful you are here on purpose ... See MoreSee Less

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Start on the inside and work your way to the top. ... See MoreSee Less

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One of the first things I teach those who are struggling with health challenges and awakening wellness enthusiasts, the cells of the body have 2 main functions:

To listen and respond.

Speak kindly directly and specifically to your cells.

They already know what to do to keep you well.

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As managing director of your own life, It pays to be aware of your thoughts. I’m so happy, thankful and appreciative I have mastered the process of how to consciously navigate and shift my thoughts. Doing it,of course, is a daily practice. #betternowthanlater #SharonsShare #headandheartharmony ... See MoreSee Less

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The universe is always conspiring to help you create through your imagination. Imagine it, believe it, feel it appreciate it and it is so. #SharonsShare ... See MoreSee Less

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There’s great power in gratitude and understanding energy follows intention and attention. Your focus is a powerful influencer of your experiences however your subconscious beliefs drive most of it. ... See MoreSee Less

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Are you willing to focus on giving, loving and serving in accordance with your abilities?

If your answer is Yes...

From a space of centered peacefulness in your heart say “show me how to use my abilities in the highest most joyful way”.

Follow your inner guidance and allow your purpose to show itself.
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Disclaimer: The information and services provided are not a substitute for your chosen path of medical care and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, but rather act as a supplement to support you in healing. The FDA has not evaluated the effectives of Energy Healing Tools or Energy System Reboot.®.