Awakening Your Soul



Oh how I love when she visits from college, get frustrated that I am still challenged with saying “no” when we go shopping, and how quickly I recover from missing her as soon as she’s gone.

So few people really seem to understand that my actions are merely a reflection of my deep desire to discover my inner calling.  And that in the process of my search I was for the first time hungry to taste, explore, immerse, and experience the breadth of tantalizing menus of courses in personal development that popped up before me.

If I don’t face my own inner cycle of acting on impulses of guilt and the need to matter in others lives, then will I ever truly be free to serve God’s divine will.  I have been gifted many miracles in my 56 years of blessed life. And I truly value each and every one as they come into my awareness and existence.

Yet, there seems to be a level of detachment to them as they don’t feel of me or stay with me but rather move through me.  Strange as that may sound, it is exactly how it feels.

I have such a heighten state of awareness now that sometimes it’s as though I’m observing the observer.  And it is in that state that I feel prolific. And somewhere in between that state and the interaction with those I love and cherish I find my deepest joy.

Navigating who I am in each and all of these dynamics becomes This. Flow of body mind spirit and execution of thought into form.

 How grateful I am to be alive in this joyful energetic beingness of being.

I’m done holding onto the image of what any one possesses of me yet cling to the love that I share with thee.  If my reticence, withdrawal, or isolation seems like a personal inconsideration of you, that is far from my intentions. 

I have simply at times removed myself from idle chaotic happenstance living and am focused on living my purposeful heart and soul of being.

 It is my body and soul’s desire to fully enjoy my humble spiritual prowess, serve others I am guided to, and reap the rewards of doing so.  The path is inward and a journey of one, yet I’m learning to connect and communicate more openly outward.

I am no better or worse or more right or wrong or more wealthy or poor I am all that I have become and continue to be. I set me free and invite you to consider how you can just be.

As Rob Bell said recently at the Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour 2014, “ The life you want begins with the life you have. And it all matters.”

I appreciate that each of our lives matters.  I am though only able to live my own miracle and pray that I contribute inspiration to yours, so you may enjoy living the miracle of you.  

I ask and give forgiveness from those who have felt slighted or under appreciated by me, and understand the journey to awaken your soul really begins with thee.


Wishing you peace, health, and harmony,

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