It’s Never Too Late to Heal. Fully and completely. Your days of healing are not over just because you are over the age of 40!
My business was booming this year, classes were full, inspiration was flowing and then… Corona-Sars2 hit home. It happened even though… 🙌I had already given
What do you believe about love? Do you know deep down what you really think about love? About being fully loved? About fully loving someone
Have you been wondering lately who and what information to trust? If so, it is my intention that you will discover some of your own
The body mirrors the mind. What I feel you can’t pull out of a cabinet, put in a box, tape it shut and store it
Your next “turn your life around step” may feel way off in the future but actually it is on the horizon. Given there has been
Let what makes you happy surface in a natural easy way. There are so many juicy discoveries ahead. What treasures will you uncover today? As
Binge watching
8 days and 100 episodes of Jane the Virgin later… I finally told him how I’d been feeling all week… Don’t worry we are way

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