Important musings to consider today… Many people are unknowingly living the collective thoughts of eons of other people’s cellular memory and imprints. Here’s an example:
What are you saying yes to today? What does it look, feel, and sound like when you engage and experience the energy of “I say
The word for 2019 came to me yesterday during my personal healing session – FREEDOM! When you become free of … you become free to
Last week I shared the three Head-Traps in my blog, The Journey Between Your Head and Heart… This week I am sharing how you can
It has been said that the longest journey you’ll ever take is the distance between your head to your heart.  I don’t think any one
From the time we were very little, we are taught to say “please” and “thank you” to our parents, elders, siblings, and others… even to
You know It’s time for things to change, but you don’t know how to change them… and 2019 is knocking on your door. What do
You experience what you feel about what you believe. The sum total of what you consciously and subconsciously carry in your cellular DNA, mind and

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