Have you thought about fear and how it has shaped your life? Are you aware of your fears? When you are aware and acknowledge them,
Did you know that filling in the gaps in your knowledge is like filling in the gaps in your energy field as well?! Here’s how
Knowledge is a powerful tool. Recently, as I was traveling up to Montana, I sat next to a pilot on a plane and we got
Recently, I shared in this Facebook live video what I was ready to leave behind and claim anew and I wanted to share that with
Have you ever found yourself starting your day off with negative energy and continued to let that negative energy control the rest of your day? Just
How many times have you wondered, “I don’t know why my back hurts so much,” or “Why is so and so such a pain in
I ask you “if you fail to open the door to your home, do you fail to open the depths of your heart?  If you

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