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We all have moments when we feel stuck, overwhelemed or confused about why life isn't going as we planned. And we want to know ourselves better too. 

But when those times turn into days, weeks, months, or even longer and you realize your joy has been replaced by: 

  • Frequent irritation with living up to the expectations of yourself or someone close to you... 
  • Frustation with your co-workers or family weighing heavy on your shoulders... 
  • Gut wrenching feeling that next level of business success is out of your reach...  
  • Exhaustion from wondering if you are making the right decisions for you
  • Late night thoughts and mind going a mile a minute

Let's explore your Personal Energy System and Purpose, examine your Current Plan then exercise your right to have more freedom to be Powerfully YOU.


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About Sharon Wacks  

Sharon Wacks, RN, BSN, CHTP founder of the Energy System Reboot® and the Accelerated Healing Academy is an experienced nurse, Beyond Surgery Coach, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Advanced DNA Theta Healer® Practitioner and Instructor. She is well known as a solution-focused, heart-centered Healing Activator® and expert in energy alignment.  

Having overcome many of her own personal health struggles, her mission is to inspire you as she playfully models and shares the power of consciously living in alignment with your true self and how it impacts not only what we teach but also how it can improve the major aspects of our life and business.