Change is Inevitable

I think we can all agree change is inevitable.

So… how can we be a champion of change for growth in ourselves and then be surprised, bothered or find it more difficult to accept, when we notice the change and growth in others?

We seem to think… It’s never about them and all about me.

My advice to combat this thinking is to DIG IN! Explore what’s coming up for you when this happens because we all have stuff.

When someone you feel close to changes they way they show up in their lives with you, it can leave you wondering…

What happened to create the shift?

Most likely, you are in the midst of your next energy upgrade.

In order to step into the vibration of your true self, you often have to be willing to step powerfully into this next phase. Everything else that falls away was preparing you for being more Divinely You.

Here’s a helpful affirmation I use to start the process:

I willingly and effortlessly release that which was never mine to have, and open up to the possibility of receiving new loving co-created reciprocal relationships, in all areas and aspects of my life. 

But… what about the rest of the process?

In order to manifest your true desire… you have to allow yourself to feel the vibration of the affirmation you desire to be or have.

The universe responds to your vibration, rather than your words of affirmation.

That’s why I love the ThetaHealing® technique. It teaches a process for instilling the vibration of new feelings, AND replacing the beliefs that block the feelings.

Because your feelings affirm your reality.

I teach energy alignment because the opposite of alignment is resistance.

Understanding when you move with who you truly are, or are going against it, will help you feel your aligned energy and flow.

You are either moving with or against… and if you are a salmon, maybe it works for your nature… but for the rest of us…

Going against the flow doesn’t feel so good, or productive.

When you are aligned with your true self, your inner vibration is pure.  It’s pure, positive energy and flow.

And as life has it… our beliefs can block that flow.

Forge ahead…

Focus on what you so deeply desire and if your beliefs keep blocking you, then consider doing a ThetaHealing® session with a Certified Practitioner!  You can even book one with me or receive a bonus private session with me when you sign up for an upcoming seminar.

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