Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you as ready as I am to step up and out of the box?

Doing something you’ve done before WITH a new perspective is getting out of your comfort zone.

If it feels familiar… often it’s because it comes from family. 

The good news is the recent Universal energy upswing is palpably supporting easier familiar change …so know that opportunity you’ve been ready for will appear soon.

This might be the time you decide to declare you are going to live from a new perspective on the inside.

It was for me.

Here’s my share from the inside…stepping outside the box.

BECAUSE it’s a time to give rise to your new voice consider the new things that you can make happen too.

The new perspective and decisions you make today set you up for new successes to unfold. 


  • I’m going to change it.
  • I’m going to name what I’ve been doing.

And then actively decide it can be changed.

I’m going to allow my Divine knowing and energy alignment to guide me in the process. (Of course, I’m sharing it too)

Then I’m going to relax into it and feel my way joyfully to the change that feels good to me.

I’ll know I’m there by the way I feel.

I’ll stop forcing the outcome.

I can stop being ad at myself and others for showing me what I don’t want.

And….focus on what I can do now.!

Even if it means breaking rank with how I’ve allowed the pattern to arise in my daily home-life and marriage.

In my own head and vibrational blueprint… I am called to change it. 

The new higher vibration shift flows through.

I’m ready to let go… wait… actually it’s a different energy being called into practice.

It’s a more active vibration than letting go (as we’ve all been doing so many times before).

It feels like what’s been called for now is more impassioned through activated inspirational alignment with who I know I am and who I am now choosing to be.

I’m ready to…

  • Stop imposing the old story and pattern on myself today.
  • Release others from the obligation of showing me I have to live a certain way… because that’s what they are accustomed to me doing.
  • Put aside judgement of myself and others versus spend my valuable resources releasing regret or spewing more anger.
  • See everyone involved as guiltless, including my self.

The new beginning comes to light!

It’s not his fault that he routinely asks me and wants to know “what’s for dinner,” when he calls or walks through the door because… I’ve been cooking, feeding everyone and in charge of running everything that happens inside the domain of the home, since we met when I was single mom with a 4 year old, 25 years ago.

It’s not my fault that I fall into that place and take care of everything because… I have done it so many times before.

It’s not my fault I get all flustered inside when I do, or reminded I agreed to, because… I promised myself as a kid… I would never be put in the box my mother lived in… and allow my father’s moods and needs to dictate everything that happened inside our home.

BINGO… I’m Beginning To Step Outside the box…

The new dialogue gets stronger.

It is neither right or wrong.

It is okay to have a new conversation about this with myself, my husband and family.

I choose and decide to color outside the lines, to step outside of these previous self-imposed, family imprints, perceived societal restrictions and do something outside my previous spoken and unspoken agreements or beliefs.

As the sun arises, I suggest to my husband before he leaves for work and explain we didn’t sign any legal documents that says we have to behave a certain way… because that’s what we did before and it is time to find a new way that feels better for both of us.

I share what his requests about dinner feels like to me… about being put in a box.

And how I have a strong desire for a new freedom to choose to pursue other things that fulfill me at this time, like the resurgence of my on the upswing career.

I acknowledge that while I thought I gave up my freedom… and allowed others to put me in a box… I put myself in the box… and have been unknowingly dictating to them how to live inside it.

The new actions free everyone involved!

Today, I step outside the box.. I placed myself inside.

I breathe in deeper doses of new levels of forgiveness.

I emotionally accept myself where I am, and where others are in relationship to me.

I release them from the confines of my limits and imprinted obligations.

Then, as I witness my subconscious beliefs change and energy shift….

The new experiences expand more love, joy and acceptance.  

While it’s an ongoing process and I’m provably still in the midst of the shifts and new realities I’m co-creating…

Toward the end of my internal revelations and shifts… she comes to me in full awareness of her own pain and frustration feeling like she isn’t wanted inside the box I’ve created.

I see exactly how quickly my shift of the box I imposed on my family and me… frees her to express her new voice and be okay living in or outside any box she chooses.

Understanding her perspective newly, I hold her closely, listen, and love.

For a few moments longer, we embrace being differently freer in the box we are now living and loving in together and moving forward.

The New New

Receiving more positive texts from clients new transformations, I’m embracing the newness and expansion of my career differently and more gently than ever before.

It feels a little scary though mostly humbling and exciting.

Later in the day, I decide to call my husband because… a few weeks ago he asked for more of this language of love and today feels like a good day.

We chat about how our respective days are going… it feels light, easy and inviting.

At the end of the conversation… in a new tone, more aware he playfully asks… “What’s for dinner?!”

We bust out in laughter simultaneously in a new deep love and appreciation.

Regardless of where or how you choose to love and live… the new new is unfolding and inviting each of us to open up more freely inside and outside the box. 

In what ways are you stepping out of the box today?

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