The Power of Your Compassionate Actions

Do you realize there is a powerful energy a compassionate person shares that instantly transforms both their immediate world AND the world around them?

Are you feeling the inner nudge to contribute more?

I know this topic is something that I have appreciated lately requires more expansion, direction and focus on so it prompted me to lead my community on a 21 Day journey of Practicing Compassionate Actions.

It’s time to start co-creating a new path and pattern of energy to help transform both our inner and outer world through compassionate actions.

You seem ready to answer this desire within you so please join in expanding this new energy wave.  You can expect the journey to be simplified, authentic and meaningful.

Here’s all you need to know to get started. Compassionate actions are simply based on these 3 aspects:

  1. Awareness
  2. Willingness
  3. Doing-ness

First and foremost component of compassionate action is awareness. An awareness of…

💝 other human beings and the inherent sacredness and sanctity of each human life
💝 your personal energy matters

Secondly, everyone has free will, so your willingness must be consciously activated in your actions.  A willingness to…

 shift or expand your current world view.
 look inward at the unique contribution you can make
 consider the needs and well-being of others
  go beyond your normal day to day activities to create new ones with focused directed actions

The third key aspect requires a doing-ness based on caring…

💝 Keep it simple.
💝 Keep it close to your personal life.
💝 Keep it real.

By that I mean… reach out to people you already know.

Pay attention to what’s going on in your community, pay closer attention to what’s going on in your family and notice what is going on in your inner world too.

 Ask people how they are doing and then listen…
 Reach out to a friend and offer some real assistance.
 Don’t wait till there is a need…
 Be available when your family reaches out.
 Allow your needs to be addressed too.

Your unique contribution matters!! I invite you to join my Facebook Community to continue the conversation as well as receive encouragement along the way to bring compassion into our lives daily. The opportunity to be a recipient of my compassionate actions is offered there too!

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