Puzzling Pain: How to Discover the Underlying Cause

How many times have you wondered, “I don’t know why my back hurts so much,” or “Why is so and so such a pain in the neck”? “How come I feel out of whack?” Well, there is more behind those questions than you may realize.

5 billion people globally experience some form of pain that persists more than 24 hours.

400% more Americans suffer from chronic pain than those who suffer from coronary heart disease and stroke combined.

National Institute of Health Statistics report women are more likely than men to experience back and neck pain, and twice as likely to experience migraine headaches.

New studies from Stanford School of Medicine reveal women also experience pain more intensely than men.

From simple bruising or actual damage, physical trauma is the most recognizable source of pain. Through my medical training as an RN and experience as a Healing Touch Practitioner, I have learned there are other contributing aspects — emotional, mental, and energetic causes — that influence one’s experience with pain.

At first look, your body appears to be solid; however, it is actually made up of matter, light, and layers upon layers of energy, all vibrating at different frequencies, and these energy layers are known as the Biofield. This Biofield, which is made up of magnetic and electromagnetic energies emanating from the cells and the subtle energy layers, surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. You may be interested to know, subtle energy fields contain higher frequencies than that which can be perceived with the eyes.  However, many vibrational healers including myself are able to perceive the field.

In his book Vibrational Medicine, Dr. Richard Gerber describes the way in which the interconnection of energies between the physical body and the subtle energy fields occurs called the “physicaletheric interface”. The acupuncture meridians or channels are the most well known component of this interface.

Understanding this dynamic energy field relationship makes it easy to see why when you feel healthy, vital, and energized; it is a reflection of the physical state of your cells and the coherence and integrity of the Biofield. Conversely, when there is a disruption in your Biofield, you are most likely experiencing the physical, mental, or emotional symptoms as well.

Recognizing the Causes of Your Back or Neck Pain

If you have ever had back pain, it may have been in one of three areas: the upper, middle, or lower back. In many instances, the pain may be the result of some type of physical trauma or degenerative disease. Perhaps, you’ve had a test, such as an MRI, which found a herniated or bulging disc. While these injuries to muscles and skeletal structures are mechanical in nature, they also show up as distortions in your Biofield.

Let’s look at how the body reacts during a car accident. First, it moves in the direction of the sudden impact, and then jerks back again. When this occurs, the Biofield is actually moving in the opposite direction, and you feel as if you have no energy supporting you. In reality, your Biofield has shifted out of balance. To facilitate complete healing, repositioning and rebalancing of the field is crucial.

The mental components — your thoughts, beliefs, and words — can be the causes of back and neck pain, too. Holistically, your back represents the overall ‘support’ of life, while the neck area is defined as having the ability to be flexible.

When you are experiencing pain in the following areas, remember what they can represent:

      • Upper Back – the lack of emotional support, feelings of being unloved, or holding back love
      • Middle Back – guilt, stuffing back feelings
      • Lower Back – the fear of money or lack of financial support
      • Neck – refusing to see the other side of a question, stubbornness, or inflexibility.

An emotional response to back or neck pain of “I don’t want to move, because it hurts too much,” may be due to an actual physical limitation of movement. It can also be a reflection of an underlying fear, where you feel as if you’re ‘gripped with fear’ or ‘frozen in fear;’ while “Get off my back” reflects an anger response.

How many times have you woken up with a stiff neck and automatically thought that you just slept on it wrong? Another interpretation could be that you’re involved in a situation that requires you to ‘stick your neck out’ and do something that is completely out of your comfort zone.

Finding Relief

By learning to how to recognize and understand the connection between pain and all of its possible sources, you can shift your experience. Each of us has the opportunity to get insights and find powerful solutions whenever we take the time and pay attention to what our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are telling us; and observing how these causes are reflected in our physical bodies and Biofields. There are many ways to address these causes, including holistic as well as energetic techniques and tools to clear and rebalance any distorted energy patterns (dis-ease).

One is to work with a facilitator of healing. Another, used by many to successfully experience more ease, joy, peace, health and harmony is a technique I developed and now teach online in the Energy System Reboot ® Method. This process can be done daily by you or a vibrational healing practitioner—in-person or long distance— and can effectively restore the balance in the body’s Biofield and corresponding body system. Finally, the relief you deserve.

To learn more on how you can work with your body and its natural healing abilities, check out my Energy System Reboot Method.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to replace any of the traditional medical care you have now. Its purpose is to raise your awareness of what you can do to assist yourself and how the use of energy wellness tools, conscious language and other strategies can support your healing.

Disclaimer: The information and services provided are not a substitute for your chosen path of medical care and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, but rather act as a supplement to support you in healing. The FDA has not evaluated the effectives of Energy Healing Tools or Energy System Reboot.®.