Love MindAwakened at 5 am… she awoke unsettled, un-kowning, and unnerved.

She knew she was being called to uncover the next layer of transformation not only for herself, but for others as well.

It was time to share a new truth:


Healers, thought leaders, heart-centered, spiritually aligned individuals are helping shift their own, others and the collective ever-changing consciousness.

And I am delighted to be HER like many and ecstatic to be a part of this journey and vision.

My “heart vision” begins to unfold …

Seeing with a New Understanding.

It allows me to ask a difference question and discern the answer to what was really disturbing me this morning.

My heartmind asks with a new understanding….

“Is this happening because I am in fear, or rather in the process of rewiring my beingness and nervous system?”

In the quiet, I feel uncertain about what I’m doing, where I’m headed this year and the fear of not having a clear knowing or attachment to it.

Hearing and fearing “how can you hit a target you don’t know!”.

For me, I’m now clear the target is not a person, group of people or place, a target for me is having a vision that calls me.

Solving the Old Problem Newly

We’ve been collectively taught to imagine with our minds eye our vision.

I want a vision that calls me forward to lead. 

And yet, I have struggled in the past to “see it“.

Is the old stuff and fear coming up to stop me from moving forward differently even when I don’t know?

Acknowledging that my fearmind enters.

My deep fear surfaces as the self effacing thoughts roar through…

  • How can you be 60 years old and still not have, and see, a vital thriving mission, vision and career?
  • How come it hasn’t occurred to you what you are here to do and done it yet?

You’re a women…

Wait… the power of my heart emerges and declares itself...

Honoring the Power of My Heart

  • I’m empowered to make a different decision.
  • I’m empowered to make a choice.
  • I’m empowered to change the quality of the questions I ask myself.
  • I’m empowered to clear my old fears and limiting beliefs.
  • I’m empowered to connect to my Divine Source of All That is One.
  • I’m empowered to know my head and logical mind don’t have the aligned wise true answers my heart does.
  • I’m empowered to see that others who succeed are only a few steps ahead of me.
  • I’m empowered to know that everyone has a unique Divine Path and Timeline, so do I.
  • I’m empowered to ask my Divine Source for guidance.
  • I’m empowered to connect to my heart, my higher self and my Divine Source of All That Is One.

Asking myself a different question.

Can you know where you are going by knowing where you don’t want to go?

I hear my heart-mind answer:

Of course, contrast shows up to remind us of what we prefer.

Okay great.

What I feel is…

I don’t want to forget the direction of the process I’ve made…

I know I don’t want to go back to old ways of thinking that are filled with self-judgements and assumptions about my age, my religion, my sex, my bank account, etc.

The New Truth is…

I’m still in the infancy of my mission and creating a new vision for the next several decades of my life and the fulfillment of the contribution I feel stirring within me to make.

My heartmind says here’s the new way:

  • Focus on where you want to go and the next step rather than looking where others may be and wondering how’ll you ever do something as awesome as that.

What will it feel like when you get there?

  • Make a decision about where you want to go.

If you don’t know and go there what happens?

  • Ask for Divine guidance on where it serves your highest and best to go.

What is the vision in your heart rather than your head?

Creator of All That Is One, show me in a way that I can understand, that occurs to me with grace and ease and that is alignment with my highest good and the highest good of all.

  • Decide you are going to get there in the most joyful delightful way and allow the answer and next step to appear.

And then the really OLD THOUGHTS came through…

I don’t want to be the one stupid women who said she could and then never did. You’ll never do it right. You always get it wrong.”

WAIT… That’s an UNTRUTH too.

The real truth is the “Love Mind“.

The Love Mind truth is… You can’t get it wrong.

Wrong is a judgement of thinking., and you certainly have done many things right.

  • Declare your new truth.

Write down the things you have done right recently.

Consider a different possibility.

What if the journey you are on takes this many decades to realize and experience this unfolding vision?

What if the shifts that you’ve been making in generational thinking and believing is necessary in order for you to bring forward the new consciousness for the next generations to come ?

What if that is the purpose you came here to do?

  • Discover your Divine Purpose

You were coming to know and see that a vision can also be seen, felt, heard, and lived through the heart.

It is called a “heart vision”.

And, as we know about everything else, it can only be created once it’s felt.

  • Live your unique Divine Path joyfully

What if everything you’ve been doing each step prior to today is preparing you to know create and share this new truth.

You came here to learn and teach there is always another way.

Accepting the status quo is a choice and a decision.

If you are unable to “get it or make sense of how something is being currently done,” it is time to discover or create another path or something new.

And so I am. And of course sharing it with you!


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When our intentions and hearts are pure coming from a place of love for all, we manifest easily, quickly and joyfully.

Our jobs here are to create heaven on earth.

We can do it, we know how and when, it’s possible are we are doing it one harmonious heartbeat at a time.
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