Free Yourself From Judgements

Were you able to do this on Valentines Day?

Were you able to truly free yourself from the judgement of others and yourself?

It’s time to free yourself from judgments.

On this day, or any day, wherever you are – one of the most loving acts you can do is… go about your daily life without judging others or yourself.

It is so easy – and human – to get caught up in the stream of energy that flows around you, especially via the ‘digital now’ on social media.


Because you are continually processing the collective information that vibrates (energy). That energy permeates our airwaves, whether we are actively on or off social media.

Remind yourself that there is only one YOU and that the images we see of others is only the illusion of our separateness. 

When thoughts shift into comparison about someone’s lack or abundance, position or hierarchy, it is merely a reflection of judgment. 

What can you do?

Acknowledge what you feel. Release what you can and then consider looking deeper within.

If stuff comes up for you during that process, ask “what can I do now that supports myself and others in connecting to the Oneness?”

My best advice is simply to use a sticky situation to redirect your energy flow.

Pause gently – Breathe deeply – Redirect lightly.

Now notice how you feel in the light of this moment.

This can be the perfect time to align with your true self and get clarity on your next best steps as you go about your day.

May you continue to be more inspired on your personal journey with more peace, health, harmony and laughter.

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