Your Gift of Wisdom

Having recently celebrated my 59th Birthday, I received many gifts of wisdom and blessings here are my powerful shares…

The first was my beautiful on-trend boots, were not made for walking all around New York City!!

Now onto the real wisdom and blessings… 

When you turn 59 you may wonder “have I really done enough of what I set out to accomplish? And, how satisfied am I at this point in my life?

Processing the wisdom

Be open to the intuitive nudges and feelings you have.

At 59 you can also have a feeling of deep gratitude that comes with a new knowing you can do two things at the same time:

  1. Openly feel joy and receive loving wishes from others.
  2. Release your attachment to what hasn’t come about in your life up unto this point.

59 also comes with a better awareness you can make a new decision moving forward with more grace and ease.

Often though, this comes through a healing process.

As an inspirational leader, it is my hope that my inner healing work will help you glean a way to be able to step forward newly and birth your best year yet too.

So, after energetically releasing these beliefs and deep emotional ties that were keeping me stuck in an old pattern here’s what and how I stepped forward.

Learning to be okay

I’m learning to be okay… that everything in my life is not as okay as I expected it to be.

And this is the best I can be at the moment

And I’m ready and willing to let go of what resistance I have to accepting that about myself as I am today

Shifting your expectations to appreciation, while being willing to let go of the guilt and old stories attached, is so powerful. It opens up new space and receptors within you to make the real changes you are wanting in your evolution.

Acknowledging the “I thought by now” and
Changing it to “So I decided to”

I thought by now…

✅ I would have… Fully and quickly overcome any physical challenges that arise through my healing work.

💚 So… I decided it’s totally okay for me and my body to easily accept taking an antibiotic to treat a foot skin infection (that came from wearing those gorgeous boots lol) and literally give myself a peaceful time to rest.

✅ I would have… Fully stepped into a new way of being with my grown children and allow them to independently manage their finances and life lessons.

💚 So I decided I am now releasing them to negotiate their own happiness and I mine while still being lovingly present in all my joy with them.

✅ I would have…Fully stepped into my thriving professional career as a healer AND successful businesswoman.

💚 So I decided to make room for personal healing, my own evolution and new opportunities to allow my soul to be aligned by the fabulously amazing Michelle Orwick

✅ I would have… Fully engaged my financial personal earning potential

💚 So I decided, yes it’s time to own my worth, release the beliefs and obligations I was holding that contradicted that and be open to what powerful new steps I am taking from the beginning of my 59th year moving forward.

✅ I realize and appreciate now, as I let go of all those unrealistic expectations of myself, to not be something I am not

💚 Or rather in process of accepting the flawed beauty of imperfections and worthiness of who I already am… AND continue to become.

✅ On my Birthday, I opened up to the raw space of new self-forgiveness and thus rejoicing in birthing my next best self!

💚And on this day, what a better gift to give yourself than stepping more into alignment with your true soul identity.

Giving yourself the gift

Are you ready to start living your life in alignment and be your best self?

If you said YES, I invite you to reach out to me and let’s talk about what are your next best steps. There are several resources I know will help you get to where you want to be, though you must be open to receiving them.

You can reach me at or click here to take my Energy Wellness Quiz, and then schedule you call to connect!

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