How to Fill Your Energy Gaps

Did you know that filling in the gaps in your knowledge is like filling in the gaps in your energy field as well?!

Here’s how it played out for me…

Just a few days ago, I really wanted to have company for dinner. So I asked God, my Divine Source Energy Connection, to have dinner with the most amazing, kind-hearted women. I imagined and felt it for sure in a split second.

Then a little later, I overhead a few woman discussing restaurants…

This may surprise you, as friendly as I am, asking people I don’t know to be included… makes me a bit uncomfortable… but, I did it anyway, as I trusted they were the ones and was willing to hear “no” as well.

And they were! The rest of our evening unfolded beautifully and even better than I imagined. We shared laughter, talks, shopping walks, dinner and formed new friendships.

My takeaway: it’s okay to desire things and ask for it!

As you are going after where you want to go and considering what you really desire to manifest in your life, here are more ways to fill your energy gaps:

  • ask for it with specificity
  • trust it will unfold perfectly
  • take the aligned action
  • know that others most likely play a big role in it’s fruition
  • enjoy the ride
  • send heartfelt gratitude to all who participate

Just like when we lack knowledge, we fill the gaps in with learning, when our energy is lacking we can fill it in as well!

Let me know in the comments what “gap” completes your energy.

Lastly, if you are interested in going deeper in how to fill the gaps in your energy, I invite you to check out my Energy System Reboot Jumpstart Method HERE.

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