How To Move Through Holiday Sadness

I totally appreciate words and energy of encouragement.

Having shared my moments of acute awareness of sadness recently on social media, when I could barely sing through my candle lighting holiday blessings without breaking down in tears, I recognize it is important for me to share this today for you as well.

It’s okay and important to acknowledge our vulnerable moments of emotions as long as we don’t dwell or drown in them. And do what you can to move through them with grace and ease… WITHOUT… and here’s an important key… without attaching what it means about you or how quickly it takes to move through them.

Whether it is to reach out and specifically ask for help you can change your state in various ways. See what works for you.

    You can:

  • Switch activities or change your environment (i.e. step outside get fresh air or turn on music and dance)
  • Express your feelings and thoughts (i.e. write or journal, engage in a tactile creative art)
  • Reach out to someone (call, message or email an empathetic person)
  • Release the energy of emotions
  • Presence your awareness

For me it is probably a combination of all, working on reaching out to someone and reminding myself:

If you are feeling sad you are probably in the past.
If you are feeling anxious you are most likely in the future
And your power to move forward exits in being in the present… so breathe fully and deeply and choose to change your state of being.



Wishing you peace, health and harmony,

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