Time to Shift the Inner Dialogue

Ever feel like your are floundering while others are moving forward?

It can happen… the downside and then the upside.

Have you had thoughts like these?

I have been resisting the next natural steps in my path…

I fight to keep myself from leaving behind…

WAIT you hear the down-slide starting… don’t you?

Well then BINGO!!! It’s time to quickly shift the inner dialogue…

C’mon you can do this… because deep down you know you don’t actually do any of those things. Right?

Here are 5 ways you can quickly shift the inner dialogue:

1. Acknowledge Your Humanness in a Different Way

Oh, that human urge to compare timelines is real. I get it.

Although…appreciate it is also human to feel these negative effects when you focus on comparison:

Looking at where others are at and expecting yourself to accomplish what they have is self-defeating.

Believing you are only of value based on others interactions with you is self-depreciating.

Thinking you have to live up to others expectations of you is self-limiting.

Wondering if you have what it takes to get where you want to be is self-doubting.

2. Release Your Resistance

That’s a nice way of saying “get out of your own way”.

Quiet your mind through whatever process takes you out of your head and into your heart.

For example you can listen to sound healing you-tube audios, focus your awareness on your breath in a meditation, practice some energy healing techniques or use tools that vibrationally clear the energy field.

Witness the energy of letting go… it is so key to next part of of receiving.

Allow in the guidance of your unique connection to Source.

Your higher truth will come through with each full inspiration as you experience the shifts.

Then you’re ready to do this instead…

3. Make a List of Your Positive Attributes

It goes something like this…

🌻I am working toward a better future.
🌻I am leaning into another aspect of who I am at this time.
🌻I am choosing to be different.
🌻I am traveling in a direction that is inspired from my connection to God, My Divine Source of All that is One.
🌻I am feeling good.
🌻I am healthier than I have ever been before.
🌻I am the reflection of inner and outer well being.
🌻 am cherished by my self and others.
🌻I am feeling happier than ever before.
🌻I am living more closely in alignment with who I truly am and my Divine Source.
🌻I am choosing to think positive thoughts and build momentum based upon them.
🌻I am expecting everything always is well!!!!!

Notice how that feels.

Oh that feels so good!”

Do you feel the difference, now?

4. Keep that Conscious Stream of Aligned Flow Going

Flood yourself with more positive downloads of who you know yourself to be now.

😍I am fully capable of speaking my truth
😍I am fully capable of receiving my truth from Source
😍I am easily able to connect in quiet concert with the unity of Source to allow inspiration to flow through me effortlessly and accurately.
😍I am loving life
😍I am loving me
😍I am appreciative of my life
😍I am appreciative of you
😍I am appreciative of all that is.

5. Bathe in the Energy of New Appreciation

Soak it all in through your sensory awareness. And give yourself a smile, a big hug, a happy dance or whatever expresses the new lightness you feel.


Enjoy you!

You’ve got this!

The reason many of us have trouble shifting the self-talk on our own  is because our subconscious beliefs work behind the scenes in our brain to keep us safe and from making unknown change.  To that part of your mind… positive or negative change is all a risk!!

If you are still having trouble with the inner dialogue consider delving into a process that helps you uncover and resolve beliefs that are blocking you.

I love teaching two methodologies which have helped many of my clients shift beliefs and inner dialogues.  To find out which one best suits you, let’s chat.

Disclaimer: The information and services provided are not a substitute for your chosen path of medical care and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, but rather act as a supplement to support you in healing. The FDA has not evaluated the effectives of Energy Healing Tools or Energy System Reboot.®.