Is Worry Your Friend?

So here I am with open arms
Nothing to hide
So deep down inside
Open arms…

Is worry your friend?

Worry had been my best friend and worst enemy. I used to worry about everything. Every since I could remember it was what I lived, the pattern that I knew.  Worry from sadness and grief of my perception of loosing what I felt I needed – a nurturing stable mom, family and the chaos that ensued.   And the stories I told myself they meant.

Can you relate?

The beauty is that those very experiences also helped me develop my strengths and skills so I am grateful for it all!

Be willing to find the strength in what you experienced and focus on how that serves your highest good now and the highest good of all.

Having now been able to reintegrate my experiences with flow allows me to be who I am and get paid to do what I love to do. My hunch is you want to do that too!

What I learned. The biochemistry, anatomy and physiology of our dear sweet loving body will accommodate you until it can’t adapt any more.  It literally brought me to a screeching halt and begged me to honor it and do what it was designed to do…HEAL and be… HARMONY and have Divine HEALTH!!

What is your sweet loving body been begging you to honor?

I found with the grace of God, free will, experiencing various Alternative Biofield Medicine Modalities, Energy Healers and self-care I did!!!

And now I quickly recognize and honor when my mind and body bring into my awareness the layers of disruption that reveal themselves in perfect divine order and I continue to respond and heal much faster and enjoy the better health, grace, ease, peace and calm that follows!!

There are many ways to lovingly heal old patterns and be supported to create new ones…find what resonates with you so you can enjoy being your best you!!

  1. Give yourself permission to heal.
  2. Consult with an expert in healing.
  3. Experiment and play with different Energy Healing Modalities.
  4. Take courses or self study programs.  
  5. Attend an alternative healing workshop.
  6. Practice new patterns into being each and every day.
  7. Enjoy!

I do and love to help others do the same!!!  #gratitudegifts  #energysystemreboot #followyourdivinepath


Wishing you peace, health and harmony

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Disclaimer: The information and services provided are not a substitute for your chosen path of medical care and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, but rather act as a supplement to support you in healing. The FDA has not evaluated the effectives of Energy Healing Tools or Energy System Reboot.®.