Why Stay Stuck, Frustrated and Unfulfilled When You Can Get Rid of Things That Take Up Mental Space in Your Head and Block Freedom to Love in Your Heart?

Ready to Free Up Your Mind and Save Some Money with the Head & Heart Harmony Jumpstart Package?

You'll Get 3 Private and Liberating ThetaHealing® Sessions to...

  • Clear the Blocks and Get You Back on Track
  • Become Grounded in Your Personal Power and Well-Being 
  • Move Confidently Towards an Awakened Aligned and Brighter Lighter Future!

Three Sessions for $399!! Offer good through Dec 31, 2021. 


If you’ve been feeling stuck, a bit burned out or dissatisfied with where you are in your life or career, these personalized private sessions will clear the way for a (brand new) fresh start!

Sessions Offered by: Sharon Wacks, RN, CHTP Independent Certified ThetaHealing® Master, Certificate of Science Instructor

In these groundbreaking sessions, you will discover how to...

  • Overcome the common beliefs that pull you off track
  • Recharge your energy and effortlessly show up as the best version of YOU
  • Step out of your comfort zone and make decisions with confidence 
  • Identify and eliminate your personal blocks so you can easily tap into your strengths
  • Align with your true self and re-experience peace, joy, well-being and harmony

Use your 3 Private Sessions virtually or in person (Jupiter, FL) to get up to speed with your beliefs, desires and dreams so you feel MORE valued, fulfilled and abundant!!

Here is what Allison M. said after a recent session:  

As someone who supports others on their healing Journey using many modalities, the missing tool for many might be Sharon Wacks's Healing sessions using her Intuitive Guidance scan that identifies emotional, mental, and physical blocks on many levels. Sharon's live reading, and activation of opening up energy flow, was something that I immediately felt. She was completely accurate in her assessment and infused my day with a new sense of connection and well-being. I love her work and you will too!  

Three Sessions for $399!!! Offer is good through Dec 31,2021. 

*All (3) ThetaHealing 55-minute Sessions must be scheduled by Jan 31,2022.