Making the Changes You Want

Are you really ready to make the changes you say you want?


Then, let’s consider why you probably start the day unaware you are in the energy of old patterns making it difficult to actually make new changes.

Because old patterns often get stuck like glue to the protein cell wall layer of your DNA, becoming built up “issues in your tissues” and hold you hostage to repeating behaviors, beliefs and responses even when you want to be different.

Do you ever jump up and start hearing belittling thoughts of how you haven’t progressed enough or feel annoyed, angry, anxious, confused and a resistance to peace and love when you wake up in the morning?

I get it!!

I’ve been there and so appreciate that I’ve learned…

It is what it is – when it is – and that’s okay.

So let’s drop any self-judgement here, right away.

The most exciting news is… what you’ve been feeling is simply a cue or a signal to then… reboot the next layer of your energy system.

I believe we each do what we can to put our best foot forward each day.

You’ve been following the journey with me, so you appreciate I am walking my talk with you.

Regardless of how far you have progressed or what issues you have already cleared and resolved, let’s use this as an OPPORTUNITY for clearing the way for more expansion and expression of who you truly are.

When you feel ready… find a place where you’ll be uninterrupted and experiment with this quick energy flow optimizer.


  • Get comfy
  • Shhhhhh (said in the nicest kindness playful way)…
  • Quiet your mind…
  • Breathe deeper…
  • Allow those old raggedy edges that used to protect you to soften…
  • Anchor yourself in awareness of the new patterns of core energy available as they flow up from your big toes up the inner sides of your legs…
  • Notice where things feel light and airy contrasted to where it feels heavy, stagnant or empty…
  • C’mon, breathe even slower and deeper…
  • That’s it… keep going
  • Now, invite in the billowy Divine life force equally on each side just below your clavicle…
  • Stay there as long as you feel guided releasing the unevenness
  • Imagine there’s a soft caressing infinity breathe of wispy air moving across your body
  • Sense it going through your body and all around you

There you go!  That’s your natural rhythm and flow.

Let this new path continue to settle into the aligned energy system that you are…

Go out today… Be you… Do you… and Enjoy the changes you have made.

You’ve got this!! <3

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