On the Inside…

On the inside.

In each moment you have the opportunity to choose fear or love.

In every interaction with others you have a gift to open.

You know what you know, when you know it.

When you know it, embrace it and enjoy creating new patterns of being your best you yet.

After years of unknowingly living through and in fear, I have recently learned each day to set an early morning intention to choose love. Holding that higher energetic vibration creates an electromagnetic force field of protection around and within. If I forget, life still reminds me in my relationships and body exactly how I am holding the old pattern of fear. What are your relationships and body nudging you to know and do?

When someone else’s expression of fear repeatedly pushes your buttons, stop complaining or criticizing – look -listen, on the inside.

  • Just acknowledge the dynamic.
  • Wink and say “oh hello again and thank you for showing up just when I needed to shift how I am being with myself”.
  • Remember to apologize to yourself and the other party involved.
  • Simply state quietly or aloud “I choose love”.
  • Feel it, see it, resonate it and be it: L – O – V – E.
  • Best four-letter word you can use.

Today, I choose love. What will you choose?

Wishing you peace, health, and harmony,



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