Open Your Unexpected Gifts


Birth of Monica2


When life throws you what feels like insurmountable heartache, finding and connecting to the gift hidden inside is what helps bring you safely through to the other side.


Some of the most valuable gifts come in lessons learned through raising each child. Whether it is your own child or one you have participated in loving caring relationships, the gifts seem continuous and immeasurable.


While I wish no one would ever have to experience gut-wrenching physical or emotional tragedy and pain, I am once again counting my blessings and gifts that come in the most heart-opening ways. I am no longer frightened and grateful for this new presence I feel.


Perhaps like me you have, in the past, experienced what feels like more insurmountable obstacles and incidences more than one can bear. Until recently I didn’t start looking for and appreciating the gifts that were intertwined for my awe, wonder, and heartfelt joy.


Some of you may know, that my youngest child has been sharing her miracles of divine intervention with me since she was 2 weeks in utero. Having to undergo emergency surgery at that time with a belly full of blood, we were told a very slim chance she would survive.   Her early arrival made for an easy delivery but bumpy road that quickly turned into hospitalizations, electronic gadgets, at home scalp vein IV medication and a yearlong watch over her every breath and alarm monitors.


Gratefully, over many years, she has taught me much about lovingly relinquishing what we can’t control, deep-seated worry and guilt, and old patterns I energetically held that were unknowingly passed down from my mom and grandmothers.


Biggest lessons thus far:

  • Compassionately differentiating what soul journey lessons are hers and what’s mine.
  • Giving myself permission to trust the process and know that all is well and in perfect and divine harmonic balance even when.
  • Clearing and resetting my own energy of emotions so she could process her own.
  • Then giving us each the loving supportive space we need to move through them with as much grace and ease as we both find our ways.


Now eighteen, she is recovering from surgery to repair her displaced nose fracture, which was painfully broken while she sat in her car at a red light and was rear-ended two weeks ago. While I had the good fortune of flexible time and conscious choice to nurse her through her recent journey , she gave me another beautiful gift.


What you may not know, two months ago I was devastated by an unexpected declaration my oldest son, now twenty-five (he’s giving me many gifts too ) outwardly made in a text nonetheless! He never wanted to speak to me again. While I had already begun seeking guidance and assistance to heal this process and was trusting this was his journey, I was so missing his presence in my life.


My daughter’s gift to me through her accident, she opened the door for her big brother to walk through into our home again and find his way back into my life. I am forever grateful and appreciative of the unexpected blessings that come from believing in and trusting the amazing process of a divinely guided life.


Nothing is more important than you learn to love and enjoy yourself through every gift of precious time you are divinely intended to receive. Share your gifts and you and the world you touch will be all the more gifted.


And this morning I received the icing on the cake or rather the filling (pun intended for birth order), with a text that my middle child was once again saved and spared the bullets of guns pointed in his direction while living in Tallahassee. I know he has many angels watching over him too and protecting his heart of gold that he shares proudly with those he champions but often takes risk many parents would shutter to imagine. Each day though, I am gifted by the blessings of more love and awe he brings.


Someone once unknowingly said something that my kids overheard and felt hurt by, but I have always known God gifted me them because I was so the right Mom to love, support, encourage, nurture, teach, stand and speak up to patiently guide them to find their own inner strengths and gifts and THEY me!


To me, being on this journey of love, growth, and discovery of the deep blessings rich in our day to day life is the greatest gift and treasures to receive I could have every imagined. Sharing them a joy and my soul’s purpose for being.

I’ve heard others say, “To whom much is given, much is required” rather

I say, “Cherish, appreciate, love, and enjoy who you are with all your heart & soul, and much will be given for you to share”!

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