Permission To Receive


Have you given yourself permission to receive yet?

You think (on some level) you have to have it all. Sound like you?

Well then have you thought about what does that really look and feel like for you?

It’s actually probably easier to envision that than you think. Yet often not seeing it clearly can create a feeling of uneasiness.

And that’s the time we want to unwrap the gift and go deeper to clear the way

When you have an unobstructed view of the path you are on, you become free to create a way to live your unique expression of that, sleep easily at night and wake up feeling more confident about the impact and contribution you are making each day.

And with the accompanying free flowing energy you are open to receive the evidence you are living in total alignment with who you truly are AND what you desire!!

How awesome will that feel for you?!!

I know that sounds and feels really really good to me now.

And what else I know is that both your desire and your beliefs have to line up with who are in order for you to have the evidence you are seeking.

I used to think I had to prove I had it all, that something in me was missing if I didn’t but actually that was just the old story, belief, and feeling… I will be left with nothing.

It was something my mother, grandmother and I’m pretty certain other of my relatives felt and thought too.

The beauty is though, I realize I came here equipped and willing to change CRAP like that in me and help others who want to do the same.

Feeling like you have to “have it all” is keeping you from knowing you already have it all as the truth is we are the ALL.

Let that sink in for a minute.

We’ve already amassed the financial abundance and wealth we desire, we simply are being invited to clear the way so we can receive AND enjoy it ALL.

Our lineage has prepared us beautifully to stand in the lighted path to co-create new better realities everyday. And the good news is YOU and many others like you are doing just that.

Keep up your own personal searching, reaching and creating because you have more light to add to the path ahead of us.

I recall vividly the children’s’ book I had read over and over to my oldest son as he was growing up…You Push, I Ride

So my adaptation that reflects this new leading edge of thought…

You push I glide

You push I allow

I allow we all receive.

What are you ready to receive? And are you in alignment with who you truly are so you can?

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