Propel Yourself Forward

With the recent full moon, I found myself waking up to another uncomfortable inner stirring… I began to coach and heal myself through releasing, shifting and aligning.

I allowed myself to gently move through it and the positive flow starts… 

So I begin to write it down..

In order to have what you deeply desire you have to let go of the feeling you don’t have it in your life now.

The only person who can put something in your reality is you.

Maybe the hardest thing you think you have to do is really the easiest.

The softer you become with your self the nicer you are to others and the faster you line up with your higher vibration.

Just because someone is doing something you’d like to do doesn’t mean you can’t in your own way…

Or something better is coming.

Becoming inspired from within takes practice.

And then I tell myself more, and begin to question…

Letting reparative and repetitive words soothe you is okay in moments where you are feeling self-berated.

I’m starting to feel better and then the deeper uneasy shows up…

How can I stand in a new light and still be me here to be experienced differently by myself and others?

Am I forever cast aside by those who don’t understand or appreciate me? “

Wow! It hit me as the wave of emotion began to wash through me… a feeling of a past truth… it was ready to be set free… now where does that thought even come from?

Somewhere in my life experience, I believed I was cast aside as I felt it swell viscerally in me.

Is it true now?


I can think of moments and situations that I cast myself aside to avoid the painful remembrance of this happening.

So I pause to shift my beliefs and heal my emotions right then and there.

Because the universe responds to your vibration, rather than your words of affirmation.

That’s why I love the ThetaHealing® technique… it teaches a process for instilling the vibration of new feelings AND replacing the beliefs that block the feelings.

And what I know… Your feelings affirm your reality. 

My new reality begins to bubble through…

I am a seeker.

Seeking the new, better feeling that shifts me out this funk and moves me forward.

I am so ready to receive.

I am so ready to be welcomed by others into the blissful world of love.

I am so ready to welcome others into my heart of love, even if they choose to only stay temporarily.

How can I be more open to receive the Divine blessings intended for me?

What can I do to help others receive more too?

I am a seeker of Divine Truth and Love.

I see a time and a place in my career, and as an individual, where I am cherished loved welcomed appreciated desired and uplifted as I do the same for others.

I open my heart connect to Mother Earth and access the unity of my body, mind, and spirit to easily align with my Divine Source of All That IS One.

AND THE GREATEST feeling and new vision came to me…

I am exactly where my heart desires to be!

Not where others are, or where I thought I would be getting my Masters in ThetaHealing, but Here Right Now…

Full of happiness, thankfulness and appreciation that I have a new dream (maybe the first one in a very long time) and teaching healing classes and…

The unexpected opportunity… for at least the next 6 months… creating, sharing and co-creating dreams in new ways with my daughter.

How truly blessed we are and I am.

I expect that the reality of this new vision will surprise and delight each of us while unfolding even better than either of us can imagine.

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