Remember you are love.

That’s it.
You came here to remember your true essence and expand how much more love we can bring to life.
Love is non-physical, powerful and creative.
Regardless of what you have ever thought, felt, experienced or were told… you are love.
And so is everyone else.
Even those that forget are still love.
You forgot before.
We all have.
Forget about judging or criticizing (that’s not very loving) them or yourself.
Help them gently remember too by being the love that is you.
Yes in every circumstance, situation, relationship and experience you are love; act accordingly.

What’s the most loving thing you can do?

Ask yourself “What’s the most loving thing I can do now?”

Here are some answers I received:

  1. Create with love
  2. Create thoughts from love
  3. Direct your thoughts in a loving way
  4. Redirect your thoughts with love
  5. Choose love
  6. Decide love is the best answer
  7. Embrace love
  8. Listen for the sounds of love
  9. See love in every cell of your being
  10. See others through the eyes of love
  11. Feel love throughout your body
  12. Express love
  13. Share your beautiful love
And so I am doing the most loving thing I can do now.
Let me know what you do.
I love you.
#SharonsShare #uncovershineshareyourawesome #Livefromlove #livealifeyoulove #shareyourlove

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