Are You Ready to Get Your Peace, Passion and Productivity Levels Back Up to Par? 

Accelerated Healing Academy Presents: 

Reset and Realign Mini Course

Join me for this 5 mini-module course where we will walk together as you Energetically Transform from the inside out.  

I promise you won't want to miss this opportunity to get back on track in your personal and professional life. 

What's Included?

Mini Module 1: You'll ground and center while you release tension and stress from your muscular-skeletal systems to get calm

Mini Module 2: Then you'll release your excessive or hidden emotions as we reset your reproductive and genitourinary systems so you can feel calm

Mini Module 3: Next you'll rebalance your actions and level willingness as we realign your digestive system so you can think calm

Mini Module 4: Then you'll expand your heart connection and improve relationships as we boost the flow to your circulatory system and drainage of your lymphatic system so you enjoy and share calm

Mini Module 5: Finally, you'll revive your spirit and higher power as we restore your respiratory and integumentary (skin) systems so you can speak and know calm

When you say YES to the Reset and Realign Mini Course you are also saying YES to the Caring House Project Foundation (started by Frank McKinney) to help rebuild the infrastructures and build new strong homes shelters in communities throughout Haiti so they will be protected when future chaotic events strike their land.  

A $20 Donation goes directly to Caring House when you sign up today! 

Sign up and recieve an extra special BONUS!

Post-Stress Reboot: Guided powerful healing intentions that will energetically reset your nervous, endocrine and immune systems on all levels after any stressful experience. 

About Sharon Wacks  

Sharon Wacks, RN, BSN, CHTP founder of the Energy System Reboot® and the Accelerated Healing Academy is an experienced nurse, Beyond Surgery Coach, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Theta Healing® Practitioner and Instructor.She is well known as a solution-focused, heart-centered expert in energy alignment.  

Having overcome many of her own personal health struggles, her mission is to inspire you as she playfully models and shares the power of consciously living in alignment with your true self and how it impacts not only what we teach but also how it can improve the major aspects of our life and business. 

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