Say YES To You

say yes to youWhat are you saying yes to today?

What does it look, feel, and sound like when you engage and experience the energy of “I say yes to me“?

Spend a few moments, when timing feels right for you, to consider, contemplate and compile your thoughts and intentions around this.

“I say yes to me”! 

If it feels right for you, please share your yeses below!

My private clients who have had said YES to themselves and  experienced a Head and Heart Harmony VIP Day with me have discovered the value of knowing their Triad of Brilliance™ and releasing what has kept them from saying yes more to shining their unique qualities.

These three aspects unblocked and revealed to you during a private VIP Day are powerful intuitive insights personalized to your unique vibrational blueprint.

When activated and aligned you are free to live from a place of joy, peace of mind and an open heart of love.  Thereby attracting and manifesting what you truly desire.

For now open up your pathway to receive and practice what it feels like saying yes to you.

Today, I share my morning practice with this as inspiration, stimulation and action potentiation. (Yes the “playful igniter” side of me is alive and well, and yes that’s part of my Triad Of Brilliance™)  Can you feel it and also imagine what it would feel like to be living yours?

Yesterday Rael and I celebrated 25 years of marriage… A quarter of a century of wedded bliss!

25 years ago… 

I SAID YES to grow together in our relationship.

(We both knew from our intense emotional encounters we had lots of room for that.)

I SAID YES to grow together in family.

(I already had one son and one on the way.)

I SAID YES to that indescribable thing I felt for him.

(Yes I still feel it.)

I SAID YES as he showed deep care for me and many of the things that were important to me.

(I love how often he still says yes to me, though sometimes I have to remind him.)

I SAID YES to building a future based on love, caring, mutual respect, understanding, kindness, sharing and laughing.

(That foundation gets us through sooo much.)

I SAID YES to learning to say ‘no not today’.

(In all areas of my life.)

I SAID YES to freely choosing what I say and do each day.

(I so love and appreciate that we support each other this way, though he’ll say he supports me more and that’s okay.)

I SAID YES to honoring him and us the more I learn to honor me.

(I am so happy thankful and appreciative we’ve been learning this together.)

I SAID YES to us every day since then.

(Even on days when I felt unsure.)

And 25 years later, joyfully with deep love and appreciation, I SAY STILL YES TO HIM AND US while fully and loudly SAY YES TO ME!

“I Say Yes To Me!”

I say yes to me
I say yes to being my healthiest self
I say yes to loving myself in each moment
I say yes to taking care of myself
I say yes to honoring the guidance of my highest self
I say yes to aligning to my Divine Source of All That Is
I say yes to enjoying my day to day moments
I say yes to feeling good
I say yes to having fun and laughing more
I say yes to making a positive difference in this world
I say yes to sharing my unique brilliance with others
I say yes to opening my heart to more love
I say yes to expanding my reach as a teacher and facilitator of healing
I say yes to receiving positive blessings and abundance
I say yes to allowing my answers to come to me
I say yes to allowing the Universe to go to work for me
I say yes to expressing love and joy in all areas of my life
I say yes to partnering profitably, equitably and gracefully
I say yes to seeing you and me evolve, expand and create collaboratively and joyfully.

What will you say YES to?

If you are ready to say YES to you, I would love to schedule a call with you to explore what is possible. Click here to schedule your complimentary call. Together we’ll find ways to unblock and discover your Triad of Brilliance™ too.

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