Embracing Self-Acceptance

We’ve all messed up at some point in our lifetime…

Whew! I’m glad we got that off our chest!!

Yet maybe what we all have yet to do is… embrace self-acceptance and encourage it in one another.

How about we agree to do more of that?

What will it take for you to be more self-accepting?

The Universal energy is supporting you to make these changes in your personal and professional life.

While we are open to bringing in new experiences, there is always room to gently let go a little more.

Remember it’s more about allowing it to go versus forcing or making it go away.

Let’s share truths of how we are working through:

🦋Being comfortable in your own skin
🦋Beautifying or rather ‘happifying’ your environment
🦋Connecting with family
🦋Integrating your past in a new way
🦋Living the truth in your heart
🦋Receiving financial abundance

I am accepting that it’s okay to work through feeling a little uneasy…

(well maybe more like ready to trust I can handle whatever comes up along the way as it unfolds) [My hunch is your are more ready too and it’s why I passionately share these move forward tools and strategies with you]

…about changing the long-standing financial relationship and agreements I have had with my husband AND…

At the same time it feels really good to be paid well for helping others integrate their past showing up in their current life experiences, while witnessing them embracing moving forward with more freedom, joy, grace and ease.

And… I am ready to accept more of that in my life too.

Remember what you do naturally is a priceless resource.

What you choose to do with your natural resources is up to you.

My hope is we all find ways to intentionally share our natural resources to serve our highest good and the highest good of all… AND FEEL REALLY GOOD DOING THAT!!

Are you ready to have more freedom, joy, grace and ease in your life?

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