Reset and Realign MiniCourse

Join me for this 5 mini-module course where we will walk together as you Energetically Transform from the inside out.

  1. Get calm and grounded as you release the tension and stress from your body. 
  2. Feel calm when you release excessive or hidden emotions.
  3. Share your calm by expanding your heart center and improving your relationships.
  4. Know what calm is by reviving your spirit and higher power. 

Energy System Reboot Method

Self-Study Signature Program Transformational Process for Doing Ongoing Personal Growth and Development Inner Work.  They end up with a personalized manual based on their discoveries and experiences through the course, the process stays the same.

The Energy System Reboot® Method will give you the tools, strategies, resources and support required to quickly identify precisely which areas are off track, how they’re impacting your business and life and the exact steps you can take now to bring it all back into harmony with more grace, ease and abundance.

It’s your personalized transformation system that will bring the calm, balance, flow and laughter back to your business and life.

Head and Heart Harmony Jumpstart Package

Introductory 3 session package 

If you want to get a head-start on discovering and removing your own inner blocks, here is a way I can help you. As you know, doing the inner work is something we all have to do, but you don’t have to do it alone… and you can do it with me while you learn new updated strategies you probably have never been taught before. 

Head and Heart Harmony VIP Day Packages

Those ready to take a deeper dive into their personal growth and transformation uncover their unique triad of brilliance, adding practitioner to their wheelhouse personally or professionally.


    • 1:1  sessions (2)

    • VIP half day  (4 hours)

    • 1 Foundational ThetaHealing Seminar Basic/Advanced, Dig Deeper or You and The Creator 

  • Private FB group

Disclaimer: The information and services provided are not a substitute for your chosen path of medical care and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, but rather act as a supplement to support you in healing. The FDA has not evaluated the effectives of Energy Healing Tools or Energy System Reboot.®.