Shift Your Mind With These 5 Steps

We create every event energetically first. So addressing each situation you want to change from the energetic perspective…powerful!

Let’s look at an example of how that works in real life relationships.

Perhaps you can relate to the strong pull to be closely connected to a family member.

As much as we want to be together and feel a closeness to them, perhaps your daughter or son, sometimes too much togetherness in relationships creates an imbalance.

A key to having more balance in that relationship is both appreciating and honoring separates spaces are important and often necessary to save the delicate nature of mother/daughter or parent/child connections.

At some point over time which is unique for each parent/child, we become less and less responsible for their well-being and understand they do become fully responsible, although I’m not sure it exactly happens at age 18 or 21 like the legal system would like it to portray.

But I do know, when we allow others to stand in the power of their own responsibilities…they actually do so.

We can accomplish that by:

1. Letting go of the guilt and the belief that we are responsible for their well-being
2. Replacing it with the trust that they can handle the responsibility as a personal one connected to their Divine Source…

That is how we energetically create the space first…then evidence that it is been done shows up. I see this exemplified so clearly now after spending 48 hours in the same space (the ER and her apartment) with my daughter after she was hit by another car just 21 hours before she turned 21.

Thankfully, she’ll be okay and recover from her bruises, strains, and seat belt burns. Grateful only her car was broken though perhaps her spirit was a little too which may be why she acted so frustrated with me.

I appreciate she’ll sort and shift through her beliefs and emotions according to her own awareness, willingness and Divine timing and it’s up to me to work through mine.

When your baby girl turns 21, you expect in some ways to celebrate new beginnings and the joys of her more fully owning her independence toward what is already becoming her path of greatest joy, love and abundance. You understand it isn’t a straight uphill path but also don’t expect to verbally trampled along the way.

Unless of course you already hold the energy of a belief and feeling that is co-creating that experience as well.

We both felt the need for separate space and it was interesting to see that after I temporarily left her space to take a long walk to sort and shift my own emotions (old nagging guilt)… she calls to tell me she finally feels better and wanted to make sure that I was ok.

Another day later we are still working through this, but I receive a new aha during my morning practice and do a belief check in…

I deserve to have my children respect me…No
My children respect me… No
I know what it feels like to have my children respect me… No

Ugh and oh though I can shift it now!  Thank God!!

We can’t heal or shift what we don’t know. It’s why I’m so passionate about helping you recognize old energy patterns and beliefs, compassionately shining new understanding, and empowering you with new tools and strategies to shift them.

I’m now aware those above subconscious beliefs taught me I am a really good, caring, attentive, loving, well-intentioned, present and responsible parent. And I can still do that without those disempowering old beliefs and feelings of guilt and fear.

You too can powerfully shift the energy like I did through this 5 step formula: appreciation in meditation turns emotions and beliefs through inspiration into new perceptions and receptions of your unique Divine Source energy connection.

The very thing I hope to model for all my children and clients.

The word parent and partner are so similar. Rearrange the order and add one additional “r” for “remember, a parent’s job is to partner with their children to facilitate them co-creating through their Divine Source Energy connection a path of their greatest love, joy and abundance.

Thank you as so it already is.

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