Spring Clearing to Spring Into Success

I am springing ahead to success!! You with me!?

Ah Daylight Savings…the perfect time of year for taking a big leap to spring forward and move in a new direction that leads you to a higher state or better quality of living.

After all isn’t that what we all want? To experience a better quality in our relationships, businesses, living conditions, and health.

Who doesn’t desire improvement in all areas and aspects of our lives?

Don’t we seek elevation, we look up and onward, we desire others to see us as elevated in our area of expertise, our contributions, our impact on society and humanity?

What gives us that ease of bounce in our ability to spring forward and take quantum leaps toward more grace, ease and abundance?

The ability to propel forward to a better way of being and living comes from energetic alignment, where we feel fully grounded in our power, centered in a unified flow of connection…To God,Divine Source of All That is One, Universe (how you language and know that to be).

How I get into that state of flow… is a daily practice and comes from honoring myself and laughing at myself a little too when I recognize I don’t. (Isn’t that an oxymoron and a new opportunity to heal!

It also comes through inner work on the day-to-day crap that shows up.

Like what awareness I uncovered now and what happened for me (notice I didn’t say to me) unexpectedly with my husband.

Have you had those moments when things show up where you see yourself through someone else’s gestures, comments, or lack there of something that indicates that we are not living in alignment with our core truth?   Or have you wondered  in those confrontational exchanges if  something deeper is bubbling up to the surface that perhaps creates the chaos?

I recently worked through some interesting chaos in communication with my husband on our almost full moon date (and it wasn’t all so cordial…though ended up much better than it started)

What I know is when we clear up our own misunderstandings, behavior and align our body mind spirit energy. We…

  • Feel better
  • Think better
  • Act better
  • Know better
  • Love better
  • Connect better

Isn’t that what we all really desire?

When we become unencumbered by old fears of rejection, un-tethered by beliefs and feelings of being unloved, undesirable, etc…then we can detach from the anchors held within us to leap freely forward into new action and mastery.

    Infusing ourselves with new understandings and ways of being is effortless and powerful.

I often share my day-to-day life experiences and behind the scenes view to help someone else. Because making my life better automatically makes someone else’s better.  (The law of vibration)

More importantly or rather as importantly and even better, so it goes for you.

We each have the container of duality within us…

To master the neutrality of it…becomes the most joyful graceful and abundant gift we can live and share.

I support your success as you define it with more peace, health harmony and laughter.

If you feel drawn to learn more about how to untangle those energies that take you out of alignment, join my free webinar training…How To Overcome The 3 Energetic Misalignment’s That Repel Your Ideal Client So You Can Have More Grace, Ease and Abundance in Your Life


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