Step Up and Take Center Stage

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I ask you “if you fail to open the door to your home, do you fail to open the depths of your heart?  If you fail to open your heart, do you fail to open the depths of your soul ? If you fail to take action based on the what you find in the depths of your heart and soul, will you fail to create and leave your greatest legacy and impact on yourself, family, community, and world?”

photoFrank McKinney opened his Treehouse door yesterday where we had lunch together, and he shared much, though it was his comment, “men have the challenge of mastering testosterone and ego” and women need to get in touch more with their “Y” that moved me deeply to take action!

I feel that women also have the challenge to master ego/identity and estrogen while incorporating their “why.” I’ve learned and now understand women can learn to stand in the power of their actions while being in the center of their two X chromosomes thereby stepping up to take a leading role in their lives.

The past few years I spent learning to become a Healing Touch Practitioner and a savvy businesswoman was the metaphor of just that. It meant I had to step up and come out of a supporting role I’d been living for decades and take a leading role in my life. I learned when I agreed to follow my inner wisdom, dreams, face my fears, finish my year long coaching programs and decided to get up on stage to speak and inspire other women who may be holding themselves back with lies like the one I had been unknowingly telling myself.

I had released and changed old energy patterns of emotional and physical pain from feeling a broken bond from my mother’s temporary absence from my childhood. However, I finally realized I had allowed that belief and fear to override my personal desire to do anything for myself in my adulthood that would take me away from my children especially my daughter, as they grew up. That was until I DECIDED to pursue my inner calling. It was in the process of DOING that I overcame the obstacles. You transform through action. I found that my personal bond of motherhood was only enhanced by my pursuit of becoming a savvy businesswoman.

On the way to Frank’s Treehouse, I was forced to stop abruptly by loud sirens and flashing lights at crossroads. (First an ambulance popped up out of nowhere causing me to slam on my brakes with the front of my car sticking into the intersection. Whew! Then a few hundred yards later the arm of train barrier plopped down almost ontop of my hood and stopped me in my tracks.) Signals to look at my own tracks now. Where am I headed? What direction would I go next had been the question I was posing to others and myself lately since I recently completed two different coaching programs both with recognition and awards.

So, I set the intention that morning to receive a clearer vision of my big dream and mission as I was about to have lunch with a gentle-man who combines his generosity, “out of the box” savviness, and big dreams to change the habitat and face of suffering in an impoverished and weather worn country.

I too have been inspired internally for a long time to connect with my deeper vision to help more and more and serve more and more in the compassionate, bright, loving, caring, and joyful and playful way that I am.

Awards given by others are flattering. Meeting with world-renowned people who have successfully achieved their big dreams is interesting and inspiring; however, more important is knowing how we want to serve others. Now I understand I will be helping more women step up and take a leading role in their life as this is what I am here to do. Do you know what you are here to do?

This day with Frank happened because I acted on compassion I felt from the voice of internal suffering of a gentle woman who chose to coach with me at an “You Can Succeed” event in Jan 2014. This graceful soul shared only the symptoms of her present moment, but I felt the deeper energetic disruption of her mind, sinuses, and heart. She was from Haiti where both she and her sister had gone through unspeakable trauma as young girls.

Now living in South Florida, she was raising money herself to help young girls in Haiti be protected from rape and recover from savage brutality. That is why my hand went up, and I said, “yes” to Frank McKinney at an auction to help build homes in her birthplace Haiti and return to have Lunch in the TreeHouse and mentor with him. I would however not just go for myself though, I asked Frank to expand his offer to include this woman as well. Of course, he said “Yes” and co-created the opportunity. Two other awesome women in the holistic health community also joined in to support the cause and enjoy the experience as well. Truly blessings shared that day for all of us.

The choice and decision to take actions when opportunities arise in the present moment are the only realities we can experience true freedom and co-create new realities for others and ourselves. Freedom exists within our choices to say “yes” or “no. As I have learned to make conscious choices in alignment with what serves my highest good and the highest good of all, I actively release my perception or need to influence the outcome and how others receive what I say and do – knowing I am serving God’s divine will.

The details of how I continue to do this are unfolding as I speak, listen to my inner wisdom, honor my intuition, and then apply and take action on the knowledge that I already have and make investments in myself and my present moments. The best way I can help others is to continue to walk my talk, and I am. You can do this too.

I invite you to seek guidance from your inner wisdom, pay attention to the information that is flowing through each day and take action based on conscious choices that are in alignment with what serves your highest good and the highest good of all. Invest in yourself, your dreams, and assistance from others who have accomplished what you seek.

If you are feeling unsure, ungrounded or unclear how to stand in your why and take center stage in your life then I invite you to let me compassionately nurture and teach you the process that I have learned does just that. What door will you open today?

Wishing You Peace, Health, and Harmony

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