The Body Mirrors the Mind

The body mirrors the mind.

What I feel you can’t pull out of a cabinet, put in a box, tape it shut and store it somewhere till you are ready to unpack it in a new space.
 So many emotions and thoughts surfacing as I continue sorting and packing for a temporary move. 
I know It’s important to give them airtime to breathe and bring new light to them or my body may remind me I haven’t dealt with it in the coming days.
Ah… we are always moving forward.


Moving on.
Moving out.
Moving through.
Moving in.
The process of preparing for the transition of the move.


Packing up.




Letting go of old memories.
Honoring what no longer is.
Making room to create new memories will come.
Perhaps for me and some, it comes faster and easier when we let go of holding onto …not feeling what you are missing and wanting is really gone.
And so for a moment, I am.

The Act of Physically Moving.

Physically moving is apparently ranked high on the list of life stressors. Mix it in with the energy of 6-month pandemic it’s sure to stir up more stuff.
To me, It can be stressful because the very act of moving requires us to focus, compact, and condense the memories events and feelings of our lives that are connected to all the belongings in our homes.
The moving and swirling of those energies are happening on many levels all at the same time.
Deciding what you want, what to keep and store temporarily, what to discard, what to donate, what to sell all stir up the attachments we have to our stuff.
It also requires you to navigate and negotiate with others at home their attachments and decisions to stuff.
The answer seems simple.

Just detach from your stuff.



 Ah, detaching.
Easier said than done.
Easy when your mind knows how you can, will and do!!
Like most things we move through, mastering a virtue is a process.
Sharing (of course!) what I found helpful to do with moving through:
  • Create a plan of cooperation with all involved. Imagine the best-case scenario before you start.
  • Consider hiring professionals for what you choose for any reason you’d rather have someone else help you do.
  • Pace your physical activities. Breakdown, delegate and spread out the tasks over a few weeks before the actual moving date.
  • Give yourself time to sort through what comes up for you along the way as you decide what to keep and what to release.
  • Be sure not to stuff your feelings or expect others will automatically understand how you feel or feel the same.
  • Communicate, honor and share your thoughts and feelings that arise without judging them as wrong. Find ways to express yourself verbally or through journaling.
  • Clear out and change any outdated thoughts, beliefs and things which no longer serve your highest and best mind.
  • Envision the adventure and transition being fun. Imagine what it will feel like when you do.
  • Look toward the new fond memories you’ll create before, during and after moving forward.
Ultimately it’s your mind and totally up to you.
Yes, the body mirrors the mind.
What’s going on in yours?
Don’t be afraid to embrace, unpack, transform and move forward along your divine time.
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