What Will “Turn-Your-Life-Around” Next?

Your next “turn your life around step” may feel way off in the future but actually it is on the horizon.

Given there has been a recent upswing of overwhelming feelings of being stuck and heavy energies at home described by many of my clients recently, I wanted to share some timely insights, information and inspiration to assist you in turning your life at home around too.

I remember years ago when I first heard a well-meaning acquaintance reiterate a thought leader …

It’s easy to turn your life around… embrace gratitude and simply be grateful for what you have.

I was like, excuse me!

How can you or anyone be grateful when at the moment all you feel is…

  • your life sucks,
  • your body is writhing in pain,
  • you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, can barely move,
  • your high-energy free-spirited children need you to be showing up fully,
  • your parents health is declining and requires your help,
  • your ex-husband is frequently dragging you back to court,
  • your husband is working long hours,
  • your career path is floundering,
  • your beautiful home is filling up with toxic mold and illness,
  • your friends and neighbors think you’ve got it all,
  • and on the inside you feel unhappy, unfulfilled and like you’re failing in every area of your life???

If that’s you… (like it was me many years ago)

What you can do now

Stop trying to figure out how to get there right now.

I don’t care what any other guru or friend has told you.

You can’t get to a place of true appreciation and gratitude from a place of deep anger and resentment.

It will block you every time.

What you need to know now

It’s those hidden malfunctioning beliefs (repetitive thoughts stored and imprinted into the fabric of your life) that keep the low vibrational emotional energies in place until you acknowledge and deal with them.

In fact, anger, resentment, guilt, and regret about what you did or didn’t do, will block you from most of the positive abundant and joyful experiences in your life.

I’m living proof you can dive in and deal head on with issues harboring inside, resolve the anger, resentment and regrets, change inner belief programs and come out a whole lot happier, healthier, more vibrant, fulfilled, joyful and truly grateful.

While I still giggle and laugh often as it’s been a life-saver especially while I worked through the layers of my inner issues…

… it’s no joke to say this inner work is a process that takes time and effort, an acquiring of new knowledge, experiences, skills and support and a huge investment of you being committed to you to grow and evolve.


What’s possible for you too

Today, though I sit in full appreciation and gratitude of even the smallest precious moments I am blessed to witness, I am in awe of how I got here and I felt called to share this and what I experienced early this morning with you to remind you and me:


You’re light is always there; it is merely moving the mire to show you how truly miraculous, majestic and magical your blissful masterpiece always is.


What steps I took

I sit in the darkness… silent, easeful, peaceful, hopeful and patiently wait for those few seconds of pure magical artistry of creation of this day as the sun begins to light up the shadows of the horizon.

It begins with twinges of grey as hues of pale dusty pink. For a moment it all fades as though it has been erased or blanketed by a heavier force.

The horizon now turns to ashen grey for what feels likes a long time.

I sit quietly with the fullness of each breath allowing creation to manifest itself.

Witness. Observe. Breathe.

And then in the center of the view framed through my bedroom windows, the pink misty fluffy clouds gently appear atop the deep forest green trees which are still back-dropped in blueish grey.


Pure majesty.

In the blink of an eye, as if this miraculous image had the power itself to breathe through the thickness, more intense brighter pink light begins to sliver through to the south revealing a highlighted open golden arrow pointing upwards.

Its path is so brilliant that the remaining palatial spaces touching it and above it begin to be encompassed by it’s presence.

The sky now jagged in all it’s magnificent cloud formation is billowing pale pinks gently caressing it’s blue grey neighbors in all directions.

Infinite masterpieces can fill our lives with majestic bliss in any moment when we are clear vessels to receive them.

My best advice:  Embrace, unpack and clear your vessel often.

Start with noticing… what beliefs are stuck in your head, heart and home are ready to be cleared for your path to more health, happiness and blissful gratitude?

You’ll know what’s off by how stuck and heavy in your gut or heart you feel.

It’s worth the investment in you to uncover what’s hidden on the inside and discover what path best helps you brighten and clear your beautiful way each step and every day.

I am so eternally grateful I did and even more blessed that I get to share, teach and help you heal too.

Uncertain what the next turn around step is for you?

I trust deep down you already know but if you need a little extra light to see it… you know how to find me.

Ready to unpack, discover and share your own abundant blessings and what makes you happy?

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