What future do you really want to write?

What future do you really want to writeAre you ready to explore a new realm of what’s possible for you to create in your life?

It may be easier than you think.

In fact, I know it is exactly because of what you think.

But also that you may not know yet how to unpack what you think and believe.

You probably understand on some level, we write the future with our thoughts, words, intentions and aligned actions.

What future do you really want to write?

Firstly, it’s important to understand… What you believe becomes true.

And perhaps, more importantly, to know and appreciate you can equip yourself to change what you believe.

How do I know?

Just a week and half into my upper level ThetaHealing Instructor training and it’s unfolding more awesomely than I could have imagined.

In addition to gaining new knowledge and wisdom, I’m making new friends from all over the world, learning to play Pickle Ball, testing my feet on the dance floor, and exploring the new beautiful terrain of Bigfork, MT, but more importantly I am aware what on the inside has changed and reflected in the expansive fun I’m having.

Why am I embracing so much joy?

Because I regularly unpack and complete beliefs that hold me back.

I see transforming beliefs… over and over again with clients, fellow instructors from all over the globe and in my personal life… be the single most important and effective influencer of personal and world impact change!!

This week, I’m sharing my deeper personal why I believe it’s so important for you to know it’s possible to stop holding yourself back.

You may be unaware you are hiding or even why you are holding yourself back.

Perhaps it’s because you are afraid or don’t know how to unpack, heal what’s on the inside and/or change your beliefs.

I share what I grew up to understand because I want you to know as you consciously build your future what you tell yourself and think matters more than anything else anyone can ever say or think about you.

The future I began writing with my beliefs a long time ago.

30 years ago, I enrolled in a first year nursing masters program, happily pregnant after a recent miscarriage though separated from my sons father…

I dropped out after the first semester to put saving my then marriage and raising my son ahead of my education and career.

I opted to officially end that marriage 2 years later despite trying to avoid the pain of knowing my son and I would not always be together.

I held myself back then… hid inside fear and guilt of leaving my son… the fear that haunted me from unexpected and traumatic separation from my own mom when I was 3.

I told myself over and over “moms don’t leave their children” “it’s devastating to children when they do” because that’s what I remembered.

I remembered thinking early on:

“If I made him happy… no one would get hurt”

“If I made them happy… she wouldn’t leave again”

“If I made her happy… she would love me”

And I packed it all away emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually… I continued to carry that package again into my second marriage and with my next 2 children.

Even with years of traditional therapy in my 20’s and 30’s… the expressions or suppression’s of those fears and thoughts have shown in many ups and downs with my health, my relationships with my kids, my husband and my work.

Many I have already shared with you over the past few years.

But what I realize is…

Has unpacking it been easy?

It got easier when I stopped hiding from me and what was on the inside. And found a way to more easily and effectively unpack, release and heal it and change the limiting beliefs and my thinking associated with it.

Has it been worth it?


Has every moment as a mom been my greatest gift and joy?


Is motherhood at the heart of all my chosen careers?

Yes, always!

Am I excited to be going after a Masters and Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing now for my next 30 year career?

You betcha.

Have I had  sleepless night like I’m birthing something new.

Pretty much.

Were there some unexpected outcry’s from my grown children right before I leave for MT…

More intense than I could have ever imagined…given the amount of inner work I’ve done and the positive state of mind I’ve been lately.

Though, of course, I am reminded to understand they’ve grown up with me in all the energy of how I used to think and be as well as the transformations.

They are adapting adjusting as best they can. As am I.

So after compassionate conversations with them I continued to clear more beliefs and emotional angst resentment at myself I was holding.

Are things quickly more settled as soon as I do the inner belief and energy shifts?

Thank God they are and all is well once again.

I’m also thankful to have mentors and colleagues I can reach out to for support.

Am I hiding or holding myself back any more?

Heck No! Nope! No Way!

Do they each have their own work to do?


Can I do their inner work for them?

Nope, I honor they have their own to do.

Can I help them?

I can, have and continue to help influence any beliefs which no longer serve our highest good shared commonly through our genetic DNA connection.

I can also help them by loving, living and leading by example while teaching them to honor and follow their own Divine path.

Has that been helpful?


Do I love them?

Always deeply unconditionally

Do they love me?

Yes, I feel their love and blessed

Will we all grow evolve and expand in the highest best way this summer?

I sure intend to do so and pray they do too.

Time to ask yourself honestly…

“What do your remember thinking early on?” 

“How is that thinking still showing up in your life today?”

“Where are you holding yourself back in any area of your life?”

My inspiration for you?

Don’t hold yourself back anymore hiding because you are afraid or don’t know how to unpack you.

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What's good for you? Ready to know what that feels like and how to feel good every day to you? Say yes to receive and then explore what else is possible for you.
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Today I want you to acknowledge wherever you are in your life journey at this moment know that you have accomplished so much and have as much more to achieve as you desire.

The secret to getting those results is to look inside first, become aware of your conscious connection to your inner wisdom, make choices from that space and move in the direction that resonates in alignment with YOUR vision.

It's an undeniable feeling and knowing that supersedes all mindset and ego. Never let the appearance of someone else's (including mine) opinions, beliefs, and perspectives dissuade you from finding and honoring your own truth.

Everything about you matters! And I am grateful for sharing what matters most to me.

Listen to your inner wisdom.

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In a time where we are seeing and facing massive unhealed wounds of worthiness and love in so many people surfacing around the globe, the time to become a certified internationally recognized Thetahealer®️ is now!

Ready to help more people heal and make big waves of change in the quality of your life and others?

I invite you to join us on your fastest path to Uncover Your Awesome as you become a confident and proficient Thetahealer through the Accelerated Healing Academy.

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Inner peace is so vital to your health.

Give this breathing technique a try then send me a message if you found it helpful and are looking for more tips to live a peaceful life.

Have a restful weekend.

Love and light,

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It's #ThetaThursday😁

Life feels a stinky onion for most of us these days with all that's going on in the world.

The good news is we can peel back the layers and find the reward we all hold inside of us🙌🏻.

You have the power to find happiness in life, and I have the tools to help you uncover your awesome.

Or maybe you're reading this and thinking Sharon I know this process, and I want to help others receive it.

Send us a DM if you'd like to learn about the power of ThetaHealing or becoming a Theta Healer or head to sharonwacks.com/theta-intro/ 📲.

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Are you ready to align with your true self?

If the answer is yes, then I invite you to check out this amazing opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at one of the most profound transformational and well-being processes I know.

Why make life hard when you can make it better.

Join us at sharonwacks.com/theta-intro/

Love and light,

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Are you looking to have a peace of mind in your life or help others receive it?

It's possible to change and replace your thoughts that no longer serve you this training will help you receive this opportunity.

If you're ready to uncover your awesome, visit sharonwacks.com/theta-intro/

Breathe and rest in knowing change is possible.
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Have you ever wondered what you are uniquely capable of if you were your most healed self?

Or have you uncovered your awesome and you’re ready to share the beauty of healing with others?

I’d love to invite you to the intro of theta healing so you can share and learn about the power of healing yourself and others.


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Have a safe 4th of July everyone!

What’s on the menu and what’s planned? Comment below 🇺🇸❤️.
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If you’re a Thetahealing Practitioner or Thetahealer wanting more clarity,confidence and clients then you’d benefit from my Uncover Your Awesome Membership group.

If you’re already a member we have some bonuses coming your way that I can’t wait to share.

Having this superpower of connection and awareness is so amazing and I’m so grateful I get to help you expand it!

Message me for how to join us, the first two weeks are free

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What kind of mood are you in today? ⠀

Remember, as kids, our parents would always say, " did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?"⠀

We've learned with age it's ok to have those days because we all get moody occasionally because we're only human.⠀

But with those days, it's important to remember that we're in control of our moods, and we do get to decide how long we stay in them.⠀

If today feels like a bad one, you need to remember freedom begins with the mind, and the power lies within.⠀

Love and light,⠀

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Delighted to be sharing this awesome collaboration “The Power of Healing"

Sunday, June 28th, 2020 S12/E9

Tonight on #MAXandFriends with Max Tucci on @latalkradio 8pm PT / 11pm ET
www.latalkradio.com Ch.1

Guests: Sharon Wacks @healingactivator + Karen Truhon

•Holistic Healing Practice
•Your own healing journey
•Who benefits from energy healing?
•What is energy healing
•Theta Healing
And so much more..

Song: @sharongitau "Lead Me To The Water"

#HolisticHealing #EnergyHealing #Theta #ThetaHealing #Reiki #Reset #Realign #ThePowerHour #SharonWacks #HealingActivator #Healing #SelfCare #health #energy #vibrationalhealing
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It’s time to remove the painful source that blocks your true identity.

Having differences in our relationships can cause us not to feel loved.

All the fear, concerns, and anger about being separated from them will transform into love and a feeling of togetherness regardless of where you physically are at the moment when you deal and heal the story beliefs behind the hidden hurts.

ThetaHealing techniques allow you to do that painlessly quickly and easily.

Please send me a message if you’re ready to start the journey of healing.��

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What you feel matters. When you heal what's the matter, it makes everything in you and the world a better place💫.⠀

I want you to wake up with joy in your heart ❤️ ; that's why I'm hosting a Reset & Realign Online class every Wednesday in June at 1:30 PM EST.⠀


Love and light,⠀

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On this #MoodyMonday, I have a question for you to think about🤔…⠀

What Will Turn Your Life Around Next💫?⠀

Your next “turn your life around step” may feel way off in the future, but it is actually on the horizon🏔.⠀

With the recent upswing of overwhelming feelings of being stuck along with dense energies at home, described by many of my clients recently, I wanted to share two inspirational tips to assist you in turning your life at home around too.⠀

1. You can’t get to a place of sincere appreciation and gratitude from a place of deep anger and resentment.⠀

2. Embrace, unpack, and clear your vessel often.⠀

I trust deep down you already know, but if you need a little extra light to see it or more tips… you know how to find me❤️✨.⠀

#MoodyMonday #SharonShares #HealingActivator #Healer #HealingOthers #ThetaHealing #Theta #Trust #Care #Love #LightWork #Affirmations #Postivity #LoveOneAnother #Unpack #Negativty #SelfLove #HealersOfInstagram# RikiHealing
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It gives me deep joy to share and ask you join in a huge much deserved congratulations to each of these 6 awesome and awe-inspiring Advanced ThetaHealers® who spent the last 2 focused training days upgrading not only their certifications by digging in to creative massive waves of positive changes throughout each others lives,in their families and ancestors, but also contributing at a much needed time big shifts to help transform higher thought patterns in our collective group consciousness too.

Well done! Well done! Well done!

Ready for help in creating real lasting positive changes in your life your family and the planet?

Reach out to one of these courageous, wise, and highly gifted ThetaHealers!! @Jessica Brace @Adrianna Cooper @Lisa Duke @Barbara Ceccerrelli @Maria Santos @Angela Updike

Ready to become a ThetaHealer?

You can reach out to me.
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Are you feeling frustrated lately?⠀

It's ok to scream and let it all out! Just remember good things are in the making.⠀

As the fabulous Mat and Savanna Shaw and her father sang "Somewhere Out There Love Will See Us," Well guess what you're love, and I love you and believe in all of you!⠀

Have restful weekend✨.⠀

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It's #ThetaThursday⠀

I'm so excited to share with all of the Theta Healers this amazing opportunity to join the Uncover Awesome Membership Group.⠀

You'll get two FREE weeks of upgrading and elevating ourselves so we can better help our clients.⠀

When? Tonight! ⠀
Thursdays 7:30 pm -9PM EST⠀

Join Uncover, Awesome membership group, here pf339.infusionsoft.app/app/orderForms/aha-membership?⠀

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Do you want to help others open themselves to blessings🌻?⠀

Theta healers understand the global impact and importance of updating personal belief systems on a regular basis.⠀

I so honor, respect, and appreciate the persistence, determination, dedication, and joy of these remarkable humans who are devoted to progressing, upgrading, and elevating themselves to help all of us on this planet at this time. ⠀

Are you ready to create a strong path of abundance🙌🏻?⠀

Head to www.Thetahealing.com/SharonWacks to register for one of our upcoming online seminars.⠀

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Thetahealers understand the global impact and importance of updating personal belief systems on a regular basis. I so honor, respect and appreciate the persistence, determination, dedication and joy of these awesome humans who are devoted to progressing, upgrading and elevating themselves and help all of us on this planet at this time.
#SharonsShare #thetahealersareawesome #upgradeyourbeliefsystems #educateelevateexpand #digdeeperonline
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Are you feeling all out of sorts lately or as if nothing seems to be falling into place or going as planned? You are not alone and there's an opportunity for you to understand something deeper… and what that is… is for you to discover and decide.

I hope my #SharonsShare today brings insight and deeper connection as to what you may be going through.
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We are each the student, material and teacher all at the same time here to learn and help ourselves and each other evolve. #SharonsShare ... See MoreSee Less

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Now more than ever your work as a healer is needed!

I believe the unique work you are contributing as a ThetaHealer is extraordinary AND we can heal faster and progress ourselves, each other and the planet quickly the more we practice and do belief work.

I invite you to join in and connect with other awesome Thetahealers to grow in your confidence, ability and practice levels.
You'll uncover and have new understanding of just how awesome you truly are and how joyfully you can help others heal too.

Uncover Your Awesome Live Interactive Weekly Virtual ThetaHealing Practice Group (Thursdays 7:30 pm-9PM EST ) we start June 11th

Your first two weeks are free. pf339.infusionsoft.app/app/orderForms/aha-membership
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Today is a good day to have a good day.
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How are you feeling about the recent changes in your life?
Are you feeling peaceful about the changes you're making?
What ways can you be more playful in your changes?
What else is possible for you when you do?
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Disclaimer: The information and services provided are not a substitute for your chosen path of medical care and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, but rather act as a supplement to support you in healing. The FDA has not evaluated the effectives of Energy Healing Tools or Energy System Reboot.®.