What is really important in life?

My business was booming this year, classes were full, inspiration was flowing and then…

Corona-Sars2 hit home.

It happened even though…

🙌I had already given up fear of it happening months before so my focus on career was clear and soaring.

🙌My beliefs were uncovered and resolved, layers of the energy of thought attached to worthiness shifted out.

💪I’d activated and maintained high vibrations including immune booster supplements and cell rejuvenation therapies.

💞I began to fully trust my frontline healthcare hero had adapted well and followed our plan, protocol and practice.

💕We had already been social distancing at home since March.

Separate everything.  

That was our mantra or at least mine.

For 9 months it worked well.

Well in many ways:

We were both healthy, ✅productive at work✅, connected to the kids✅, renovated our home, ✅and were even more engaged conversationally with our friends individually✅.

The two of us were enjoying distanced take-out meals together al fresco on the patio and dips in opposite sides of the hot tub. Our lives were parallel but not intersected.

What wasn’t well…the gap, the distance that we had ignored long before covid was a thing.



Life will gently guide you in the direction of love –
if you let it.

If not, it will still find a way.




To authentically share words of encouragement and inspiration, I often reveal my story as it was written.

And I hear:

What if the story is just for you?

So I ask:

Then why do I still long to feel more brave in sharing my gifts AND earn a living (independent of his earnings even though we always share)?

And I hear:

You are on the right path to doing that.

Your timeline is unique to you.

Don’t judge where you are at in the process by what others are doing.

Stay focused on your divine inspiration and it will guide you on the right path to success prosperity and abundance.

Stay in tune with love.

All of a sudden the dots fill in …and I understand the distance, separation and more importantly the reconnection Rael and I co-created.

Rael sidelined from his predominate focus on work

Me sidelined from healing and teaching ….

We were both sidelined during his Covid isolation and quarantine to move us both back toward love on our separate paths yes but with the opportunity to rediscover and recreate togetherness.

Maybe even to create something totally different and new.

Because, yep we had temporarily gotten away from what is really important in life no matter what you are doing.

What is really important in life?

It is to love

It is to care

It is to co-create a life worth living in love.

Remember, you may want to share your story but it is only yours to live.

Live it well with love. You’ve earned it!.

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On behalf of women everywhere, I ask we release judgment of ourselves and each other out into the divine universe today as we join in the new energy rushing in to support us and each other to see, be, and en-love with who we are. Without disguise or secrets, let go of criticism of self and others and manifest love and friendship ❤️🤝. Unkind acts are merely reflections block showing up to be cleared and clear the way. Hold a space a love, forgiveness, and gratitude in your heart now - feel the struggle being released of every other as you set it free now for your highest good and the highest good of all. Amen Amen Amen 🙏🏼 ... See MoreSee Less
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Take time to appreciate the blessings that come your way every day, even the fleeting ones. Because more are on the way. 🙌🏻 ... See MoreSee Less
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