What Makes You Happy

Let what makes you happy surface in a natural easy way.

There are so many juicy discoveries ahead.

What treasures will you uncover today?

As I was looking for a special blintz soufflé recipe I make almost every year to bring to treasured friends and families community break-the-fast dinner on Wednesday… I discovered new beautiful lessons, memories and inspirations from my beloved Nana Mildred. 

Of course I’m going to share some of them with you… because just like her, I care deeply about the people in my life whom I’m connected and care about making a difference in their lives and allowing them to make a difference in mine.

My Nana (my father’s mom), one of 8 children, cared deeply because of who she was, what she went through early in her life and her own struggles to conceive her one and only child.

She believed strongly in the importance of love, family, kindness, courage, community and connection, all while being yourself.

Even though quietly hiding her sadness, she spent much of her exuberant energy overcompensating for the emotional and physical pain she endured by ‘excessively doting on others’ as my dad used to say.

My dad complained, rather merely explained, it was his mother’s extreme focus and attention on his every little mundane activities that was responsible for his narcissism.

To the outside world and me though, my Nana was truly a lively spirited, musically talented, enthusiastic, sweet-heart, devoted wife, mother and grandmother, a gregarious social butterfly and a community fundraiser who loved to entertain and feed family, neighbors and friends.

All of those qualities she embodied were wonderful virtues and blessings to share with her son and 4 grandchildren.

While she in part contributed through my father many of the difficult lessons that I have had to work through and heal in my own life, one of my most cherished gifts from her was an extraordinary feeling and belief 

‘Home is a family’s sanctuary and castle – no matter how small or big’ .

That feeling and blessing was instilled in everything she baked, cooked and did.

It’s the feeling in my own home that makes me happiest to create and share with my family.

It also has come with many challenges for me to continue to uncover and repair.

Through ThetaHealing Practices and unpacking my challenges and beliefs, I realize now she and my dad were also on some level learning, uncovering and passing down beliefs and patterns for me to continue to heal.  Thankfully for my 3 children, I’ve been consciously doing the inner healing work for the past 10 years.

The beauty is each time we unpack and heal we also receive the blessings and can move forward without the challenges and disempowering beliefs.

I now can see I received these 8 abundant blessings from my Nana and Dad:

  1. Go after what you really want regardless of the odds and what information and technology is currently available.
  2. Use your gifts and talents to the best of your ability to improve the lives of others.
  3. Write down the ideas and creative gifts you want to share.
  4. Collaborate and give credit to those you receive gifts from.
  5. Use what you have on hand to record and share what’s important you.
  6. Be as organized as you can so you and others can use and enjoy the treasures and pleasures of your life.
  7. Be yourself, your best, determined, patient, persistent, loyal, caring, loving, delightful, devoted, committed, sweet and kind.
  8. A happy home is a feeling you share with all your heart when you unpack and let go of the sorrows it once held.

Ready to unpack, discover and share your own abundant blessings and what makes you happy?

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