What Do You Believe Will Happen Today?

Good DayImportant musings to consider today…

Many people are unknowingly living the collective thoughts of eons of other people’s cellular memory and imprints.

Here’s an example:

How many times have you said it to yourself or heard someone say…

“Things Get Worse Before They Get Better!”?

You can begin to understand the magnitude of synergy from the sheer number of people who believe that to be true; sending out the vibrational resonance of that expectation out into the airwaves.

Thus through the Laws of Vibration, Cause and Effect and Attraction creating numerous situations and experiences to support that belief or perceived truth.


How many situations do you see right now in your personal life or the society you live in exemplifying the notion…

“Things getting worse before they get better”?

The GOOD NEWS is a higher amplitude wave of activated shifting in collective consciousness is happening again!

It’s enlightening for me to see, hear, feel and know this expansion is happening on a global level, and beyond.

And it’s also exciting for me to have chosen to be an active partner in this expansion by sharing the insights and trainings of how to activate inner and collective belief shifts improving  life experiences.

The best way you, as part of a collective, can change the weighted energetic amplification of low vibrational thought patterns and experiences is to check and witness change in your own beliefs.

So what do you believe will happen today?

Given my awareness of this juxtaposition of energies I am shifting my thoughts to…

  • I believe things will get better.
  • I believe things can get better without getting worse first.
  • I believe things are getting better.
  • I believe everything is already better.
  • I believe I am better than I’ve ever been. 

Yes, what a beautiful collective shift we can all participate in if we choose different thoughts.

“Wakey-wakey” my fellow activated soul beings… we have our Divine work to do.

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