When You Measure

Ever notice a tendency to elevate others to a higher standard or platform than where you are standing?

If you measure your level of success against others’ results then you often wind up on their path instead of your own.

Besides, get to know someone long enough and you see their outcome may actually be overstated and/or perhaps you’ve just elevated them so much in your mind that you underestimate yourself…

Hands with measure tape set isolated on white

(I admit I did … in the past).

Using the same method I teach now, helped me work through this issue as well as many others which came before and I know will help me well into the future.  Yes, it’s important on many levels to clear those issues in your tissues and work them all out. So you can live and work in alignment with the path, levels and measures of success that are defined by you.

That’s a large part of what motivates me to continue to lead, inspire and authentically help my awesome clients and students, privately and online, learn through the Energy System Reboot® Method how to transform and align the integrity of who they truly are and get back on their own track whenever they deem necessary.  How empowering is that !

I am in awe of my clients and in deep gratitude to witness the huge transformations they’ve been able to see, feel, and shift while removing the obstacles that were blocking their path.  Their newfound integrated levels of success are profound and palpable!!

So if you’re unhappy with the current level of results you have… rather than focus your energy on where others may be, focus your energy on…

“This (where you are at) or something better!”

Wonder if it’s time to get back on your own path of success?  Here are a few suggestion on the how to get back on track.

•Measure where you are now and where you’ve been.
•See and stand in the power of your strengths. Celebrate them!
•Look for the opportunities to grow more aligned with your true self.
•Make the necessary adjustments to where you desire to go.
•Then re-measure based on the same criteria unique to you.

What I also discovered, it’s important to be so strong in being your true self that you uplift yourself while you inspire and empower others to pick themselves up wherever they are at and do the same.

I am.

And that’s also exactly why I developed a free assessment tool for you to measure your own level of where you are at in alignment with your true self so I’m sharing it now. You’ll find out right away where you strengths are and potentially areas with room for growth.

Plus there is a bonus free gift for those who take the quiz now: www.energywellnessquiz.com

Enjoy more peace, health, harmony, and laughter,


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Sharon Wacks
Founder of the Energy System Reboot®
and Accelerated Healing Academy
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