Where You Have Been Doesn’t Have To Be Where You Are Going

Have you ever found yourself starting your day off with negative energy and continued to let that negative energy control the rest of your day?

Just the other day, I woke up to my husband telling me he forgot to do something he said he would do. How frustrating and inconsiderate, I thought. It didn’t take long, mere seconds, before I was lashing out on him and going on a tirade.

How rude he was and how inconsiderate… blah, blah, blah, if you are a wife, you probably have been here, too :).

I was living in the moment and thinking in the moment how awful this was and how my husband never considers my feelings (that’s not true by the way, just where I was at in THIS moment).

Somehow I stopped, and I realized this negative energy, this complaining, ungrateful attitude was not where I wanted my day to go. Why? Because it did not feel good for me. Also, I could tell by the look of my husband’s face, it did not feel good for him either.

So what did I do?

I pivoted!

I stopped and changed the direction of where I was going for that day.

I share this with you today so you can get a behind the scenes look at someone who stands in her own awesome energy of living in alignment in a very real way. I have shit that happens in my life, too. Real shit, painful shit, but I consciously choose to not let the pain or negative emotions control my day or control where I am headed.

Maybe you can relate, you’ve had the feelings of starting your day off wrong and felt how awful that was. Or Maybe you are thinking… Sharon this is how I feel about my life. I do not like where I am right now or where I am headed.

But more importantly, I share this experience with you today so that you can know that where you are or where you have started does not have to be where you end up. This can be as simple as where you start your day does not have to be where you go for the rest of the day. But it can also be larger, and mean that where you are right now in your life, if where you are at does not feel good for you, does not have to be where you end up.

So how do you change where you are at or where you are headed?

Here is my super simple process:

  1. Express your feelings and emotions in the moment, so you can recognize it, but then…
  2. Pause. Take time to honor your feelings. If something feels good, follow that. If not…
  3. Pivot! Change the direction of where you are headed to something that feels good and feels aligned with your best self.

I hope you can take these steps and add them to your day (or life) when something does not feel good with who you are.

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