Why Love Can Be Tricky

What do you believe about love?

Do you know deep down what you really think about love?

About being fully loved?

About fully loving someone else?

I thought I did.

I thought because I was already married, I didn’t need to take a class about love, sex and soul mates!! After all when I met him 27+ years ago there were sparks, passion, a deep sense of being loved, acceptance for my son from a previous marriage and a desire to raise a quickly expanding family we created together.

Wasn’t that enough? Did I ever really need to explore the subject deeper?

Of course, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, challenges to overcome, learned much about ourselves and each other through disagreements, teamwork, warm embraces and laughter which filled our home in times of togetherness and mixed with times of distance that allowed support for separate growth and paths but always with a sense of deep connectedness that is hard to describe.

Did I want change in our relationship… probably…

Did I think it was possible…probably not…

So I took every other healing class available over the past 10+ years when I began developing my career and desire to be a healer.

And only a few weeks ago discovered I’d waited a really long time to deal with and heal some deep wounds about intimacy and love that my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother shared with me not only in the story but in traumatic DNA memory.

Deep down I felt my grandmother and mother both died after complications from heart disease and open-heart surgery respectively in part because each gave up her heart’s desire to be fully loved by a man, my grandfather and father. But I don’t think they ever really felt it fully.

I decided a long time ago I was not giving up mine.

Taking SOUL MATES is the best class to heal issues about sex and love for married people or for people looking to find their soul mates too.

It helped me heal the divide from love I created to keep my hearts desire from disappearing or giving it up for a man, my husband.

Learning to clear the fears and blocks that keep you from loving and being loved fully will change everything!!!

It’s why I’m so excited to share I’ll be teaching SOUL MATES online for a maximum of 20 awesome Thetahealers who are ready willing and able to go deep in their own heart transformation and help others too.

Married or single I got you!

Can’t believe I waited 5 years in my Thetahealing career for this level of inner transformation that has already softened my edges, opened my heart and made room for new possibilities in love and in my marriage.

If you are already a Thetahealer who has taken the three foundational certifications Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper Please don’t wait like I did!!

Your heart and soul will thank you. Your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love and your ability to love and be loved fully will thank you too!

To find out when I’ll be teaching SOUL MATE online click here.

Ready set let’s go.

And if you haven’t taken the prerequisites yet, let’s connect to discuss how you can get started or benefit from this classwork too.

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