Your Awesomeness Revealed

Awesomeness RevealedYou experience what you feel about what you believe.

The sum total of what you consciously and subconsciously carry in your cellular DNA, mind and energetic blueprint, including the impact of the group consciousness as well.

You attract the energetic difference between what you want, what you feel and what you think.

When what you want, what you feel, and what you think are on the same wavelength you feel awesome… when they aren’t… you feel meh!

I was tired of feeling ‘meh’ and frustrated, so over the past decade I invested in expanding my knowledge, experiential training’s and personal healing / growth so that I can live in awesomeness most days.

My passion for sharing strategies, shortcuts and support for your highest and best healing and growth with you is unwavering. 

The most powerful ways I’ve found to change what you experience in a positive way are to understand:
  1. Changing what you believe will change what you feel will change what you experience.
  2. Changing what you feel will change what you experience will change what you believe.

The benefit to you:

  • You can then get out of your own way and let your Divine Source bring even better to you in the highest and best way.

It’s why I love teaching others how to uncover and replace those old belief patterns and feelings that keep you stuck in negative experiences.

My hunch is you are ready to enjoy and share your awesomeness!!

You are ready, right?

Yes!! Then it’s time to take 3 steps so you can do that!   I’d love to help you.

  • Awaken your awesomeness!
  • Activate your awesomeness!
  • Attract your awesomeness!

To me, the easiest technique to learn (regardless of your background or religious practice) with longest lasting results to change belief patterns and instill new feelings and share your awesomeness is through ThetaHealing®️ Seminars.

I am loving my experiences and want to help you love yours ❤ ❤

I believe we are all intended to share our soul blessings and awesomeness.

You often have the opportunity to experience this in your day to day travels, whether staying close to home or adventuring into new territory.

Here’s what happened when I began my travels abroad in the beginning of October…

Sitting in the middle seat next to me on the first leg of my trip, she shared she had sleep apnea, Tourette’s, asthma, diabetes, and an eye infection, shingles on her flank, is on peritoneal dialysis…

She shared about her childhood growing up in Brunei and the struggles with her health, I shared a little energy healing wisdom which she was open to receive and also offered to send her unconditional love and an instant healing. And then for the next few hours I smiled and comfortably dodged her uncontrollable jerky trashing around while I enjoyed a movie.

Unfortunately, the woman who was sitting on the window side of her, got water spilled on her, hit, crouched in panic and told me after the flight as we deplaned she sat there in fear the entire 3 hour flight.

What I have come to understand…

When you are in a space of connection and knowing we are not separate from each other, having and abundance of acceptance, tolerance, patience and understanding is easy without being hurt by someone else who is on their own path of discovering this truth.

The most extraordinary positive things happen when you share of your own volition, your soul blessings and your awesomeness.

To change how you experience your next adventure, consider joining me in Jupiter, FL for a Special Private Awesomeness Day before you begin your next ThetaHealing® Practitioner Certification Seminar.

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