Your Ticket to Freedom

Ticket to Freedom

The word for 2019 came to me yesterday during my personal healing session – FREEDOM!

When you become free of … you become free to …

We all desire freedom, yet freedom means different things to each one of us.

What does freedom mean to you?

Your inspiration from me…

Answering the question myself, I began to inquire further within, and of course another question came to mind.

Are we held by the ties that bind us or are we bound by the strings of thoughts we hold onto?

Noticing how internally bound up I was feeling physically, emotionally and mentally over the recent holidays with my three grown children home, end of year business desires, and extended family member gatherings competing for my attention…

I did what I needed to do…

I gave myself permission to be free!

  • Sharon WacksFree of waiting to be or become
  • Free of heavy burdens
  • Free of spreading myself to thin
  • Free of beating myself up over what I have or have not done
  • Free of self imposed limitations
  • Free of others impositions or projections
  • Free of others beliefs
  • Free of envy
  • Free of self judgements
  • Free of addictions to sugar
  • Free of expecting myself to be something other than who I am
  • Free of frustration with the differences in my body

And then allow my focus to bring in the desire, knowing, feeling and energy of free to

  • Free to love unconditionally
  • Free to enjoy my co-creations
  • Free to experiment with new ways of being
  • Free to grow stronger and wiser
  • Free to choose me first without feeling guilty
  • Free to align with my Divine Source of One
  • Free to say no without fear of disappointing others or letting them down
  • Free to enliven and enrich the lives of others as I do mine
  • Free to enhance my relationships with others
  • Free to explore new territories
  • Free to expand my reach as a healer and teacher
  • Free to energize and enjoy the fruits of my choices
  • Free to follow my true North Star
  • Free to have harmony in my head and heart
  • Free to receive the blessings of my family
  • Free to receive blessings of peace, health, harmony and joy from the Universe
  • Free to accept and appreciate all aspects of my Divine spark of All That Is

I felt the freest I’ve ever known!! 🙏

Now It’s Your Turn Write Your Own Ticket To Freedom

Yes, we all believe in freedom and yet freedom means different things to each of us.

What does freedom mean to you?

Are you held by the ties that bind you or are you bound by the strings of thoughts that have a hold on you?

If you are, I hope the information and exercise below along with my personal sharing above, inspires you to know it’s possible for you and that you will write your own ticket to freedom.

You know I often share, write and teach on the power of your beliefs… Because there is so much power in understanding your personal beliefs and how they show up in your daily life.

And there’s even more personal power in identifying and shifting them to ones that support the reality you choose to co-create.  

It’s one of the reasons I created a new customizable program, Head and Heart Harmony, incorporating the most powerful techniques I have found most effective to identify and release limiting beliefs along with all the other attachments we have to them… especially the sticky ones.

To write your own ticket to freedom, start with these 3 steps.

#1 Inquire Within First

Consider spending a little of your most valuable resource, your energy and attention, on these two questions.

  • What thoughts,beliefs,emotions and actions are you ready to be free from?
  • What thoughts,beliefs,emotions and actions are you ready to be free to?
#2 List Your Answers

Write your ticket to freedom and create a personal freedom ceremony of what you have released and what you are now opened to experience.

Aim for at least 3 in each though you might discover you have more. 

  • I am ready and willing to be Free from:
  • I am ready and willing to be Free to:
#3 Then Gently Decide Your Future

Focus on your future because you are the one who decides what it will feel like and influences it the most. 

  • How will you show up differently for yourself today and each day in 2019?
  • How will show up differently for others? 

Remember, the future occurs one day at a time, the more consciously you build it, the more awesome it becomes.

And as I have learned, considering others in your decisions is often necessary but make how you feel the first consideration so you can love and let love.

Let love win. And let love begin with you.

Gentle Reminder:Freedom comes from within.

When you feel bound, wadded up, or unexplainably attached to people or circumstances that feel self-defeating, limiting, or unpleasant… 

Remind yourself… 

  • It’s an opportunity to shift another layer!
  • Feel better!!
  • You can do it!!!  
  • And I’m here when you’re ready to receive more tools, guidance and support in the process. 

If you want guidance, and want to ensure you have the right tools, tranings and support you need, I invite you to check out my brand new Head and Heart Harmony customizable package.

You can learn more about this program by clicking here

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