Your Time Is Now

Never before in the history of our planet has there been a more powerful time to be clear on whom you are here to serve and how you are to serve them.

The information is readily accessible as you attune to frequency of your heart of love. Sense the energy of this inner guidance and power that steers you toward the joyful essence of who you are here to be.

If it is a struggle, then you are fighting a force that has yet to stand in harmony with who you are. Declare who you are now!

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Whether you shout it from a rooftop, declare your presence on a stage, scribe your message in print, or just live it, trust you already know exactly what you need to do now.

As you walk your own truth, consciously choose to align your actions and lovingly release yourself from the energy of that which no longer serves your highest good and the highest good of all. Restore, rejuvenate, and reintegrate your divine presence.

You are truly free to stand and radiate in your own power now!

No body else can give that to you. So as you declare who you are today consider this affirmation and invitation:

“I invite in the supportive universal energy that resonates with my higher frequency of love. And I am ready to receive it!”

And it is already so.

Wishing you peace, health, and harmony,

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If you have yet to connect to this powerful energy that you are, please consider contacting Sharon Wacks, Healing Activator for guidance. She has a limited number of complimentary Breakthrough Healing Activation Sessions opened just for you. Are you ready to be one of the fortunate 10 to receive her gifts?


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